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Comment 09 Jan 2017

It is a whole number if you go through the play-by-play and count possessions. Instead, the preferred method is to estimate possessions by using this formula: 

Field Goal Attempts - Offensive Rebounds + Turnovers + (0.475 * Free Throw Attempts)

The 0.475 is the preferred multiplier for college basketball to estimate the number of free throw possessions a team has per game. Again, you can go through the play-by-play and count whether the free throw possession was one or two shots, but it's easier to estimate.

Using that formula, you rarely get a whole number, so you always have to round. When you break down the possessions into halves, then sometimes the numbers lie really close to the 0.5 cutoff for rounding, and they don't always quite equal the total number of possessions. 

Comment 07 Dec 2016

It's an aggressive way of defending ball screens, for sure. Hedging hard is supposed to focus on the ball-handler, keeping them from getting an open look from three and cutting off their drive to the basket. It can be dangerous in pick and roll or pick and pop situations, but that's where the rest of the defense has to step in and help out until Iowa's hedging big can recover. This type of defense is one of the reasons Fran favors athletes with long arms. Guys with long arms can put their arms up and keep the the ball-handler from getting a pass to the person rolling or popping to the perimeter, and could even potentially trap the ball-handler. Meanwhile, he needs athletes because the help defense needs to rotate to help out on the guy rolling to the basket and Iowa's big man needs to be able to recover to the paint.

It's a defense that has worked very well for Iowa in the past, but it's one that comes with experience. And with a bunch of young guys, things can definitely go wrong. If you want to see it run very well, just watch Iowa State on Thursday. Steve Prohm runs a very aggressive defense like Fran does, in which the Cyclones defend ball screens the same way.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Yeah, I wasn't so much singling him out as being an awful defender, as much as I was pointing out that he was a weak link in the chain that UNO was going after. Iowa really has no answer to speedy guards this season, as you can tell by how Hollins treated that zone defense in the first Vine. And I would include Williams in that because he hasn't been good at keeping quick point guards in front of him this season. So if it's Bohannon's all offense and no defense vs. Williams' no offense or defense, Bohannon is the clear pick to me. 

As for Moss, Fran pulled him because of fouls. He picked up two quick fouls around the 8 minute mark in the first half, and Fran went with the auto-pull. Then, in the second half, he picked up his third at around the 15 minute mark, and Fran sat him again. Why Fran decided not to put him back in until there was only 39 seconds left in the game? I have no clue. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

What exactly am I overrating? He's a 34% career shooter in 105 attempts from out there. I said I think he can shoot mid-to-high 30s. And the whole conversation was about 3-point shooting, so I'm not sure why overall field goal percentage got thrown in there. And, even then, I said he needs to get better at finishing at the rim. 

My main, overall point, is that the way people talk about him, you would think he had a terrible season last year. He was a former 3 star recruit in his sophomore year, and he made some big strides from his freshman year. I think he's got more talent to be unlocked, and while he hasn't played well as a junior so far, we shouldn't write him off after a month. 

So, again, I'm not exactly sure what you are taking issue with here? 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

He very well may not be the 45% shooter he was from outside last season. However, he shouldn't be written off for one month of bad shooting. He went 4-18 in November from three-point range. Even Peter Jok has had a month where he shot 5-19 in his career. It's a really small sample. Uhl does have an odd-looking shot, and he has not played very well on offense to start the season but players have bad months. If he's really this bad of a shooter, I am sure Fran would have tried to fix his release by now and wouldn't be letting him continue to shoot the three in games. I do think his shooting will come around. I'm not convinced it will be over 40%, but I do think he can shoot mid-to-high 30s. 

This isn't directed at you, but I think Uhl gets something like the Adam Woodbury treatment from a lot of the fanbase because he isn't the type of player they think he should be. He has a weird-looking shot and he's so quiet that people automatically think he's lethargic and doesn't care. He needs his three-point shooting to turn around, and he needs to get better at finishing at the rim and cutting back down on his turnovers. However, he is one of the team's best rebounders and most versatile defenders, and I don't think he gets enough credit for things he does that people don't see.