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Comment 26 Jan 2017

Hasn't it already been chalked up to terrible defense? I have yet to see anyone claiming that it is bad luck. Iowa not only allows opponents to make a ton of threes, but they allow a ton of three-point attempts. That and the amount of open threes we see with our eyes every game shows me that the defense is bad. And I just don't think that's fixable this year. A lineup change may slightly improve it, but I still think the offense is key for this team winning games.

I think the recent issues on offense boil down to two things: 

1) Injuries- Jok being hurt is legitimately taking away 10-15 points from this team on any given night right now. And that's just points that he would normally be giving Iowa himself. It could be even more if you factor in that his injury makes it so he's not nearly as active in the offense. Where he used to take a lot of attention and focus of the opposing defense, opponents are having an easier time locking him down with this injury and focusing on other guys too.

2) Youth- The college basketball season is a grind, and then having to play Big Ten competition twice a week for months is a pretty big adjustment for true freshmen. I even think that's the case for redshirt freshmen, like Isaiah Moss. Pretty much every freshman hits a wall, and you just have to try and play through it. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

It is a whole number if you go through the play-by-play and count possessions. Instead, the preferred method is to estimate possessions by using this formula: 

Field Goal Attempts - Offensive Rebounds + Turnovers + (0.475 * Free Throw Attempts)

The 0.475 is the preferred multiplier for college basketball to estimate the number of free throw possessions a team has per game. Again, you can go through the play-by-play and count whether the free throw possession was one or two shots, but it's easier to estimate.

Using that formula, you rarely get a whole number, so you always have to round. When you break down the possessions into halves, then sometimes the numbers lie really close to the 0.5 cutoff for rounding, and they don't always quite equal the total number of possessions.