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Comment 08 May 2017

Yeah, possibly.  The Title IX complaints at issue stem directly from Griesbaum's firing; the argument is that they were deprived of their coach due to a firing on different terms than a male coach would have been fired.  Could there have been a different reason for them to file?  Yeah, probably.  Could there have been a different set of athletes filing on the same sort of claim?  Given Barta's track record with female coaches, I'd say there was enough out there.  This just needed a spark and some fuel, and Griesbaum's firing gave it both.

I'm not sure if the Griesbaum suit is going to have any significant impact on the Title IX investigation, oddly enough, because that investigation has already moved on to an examination of bigger issues.  I think the facilities and opportunities problems remain of serious concern, as is the possibility that Iowa is the sacrificial lamb for a federal government that thinks college football has gotten out of hand and needs an example to hold up.  A violation based solely on practice and game facilities would stop stadium and practice facility construction in its tracks across the nation.  The DOE knows that, and if it wants to refocus big schools away from athletics and toward academics, crushing Iowa is a pretty easy way to get there.

Comment 03 May 2017

Eh, I think TFF is more right than wrong here.  The reason Scherff made so much in the first two years is that he was picked in the top five, while someone like Frederick, picked in the late first round, has made about $6 million less than Scherff in two more seasons.  Getting picked early matters a great deal, and it always has.  The scale simply codifies that into something like an asymptote.

Where you're correct is that, in order to get above about $20-25 million in lifetime earnings, a player needs to land the Riley Reiff contract.  The standard career track for an NFL player is (1) rookie contract, (2) restructured rookie contract in about year 3, (3) big honkin' free agent deal.  And it's pretty clear from the earnings figure that Iowa's guys have been generally more successful at getting to the third stage in their careers.