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Comment 26 Mar 2017

Finally got the offense going late yesterday: 

Some highlights: 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

That seems bad.

Soooo many blown opportunities for Iowa (and Purdue too, I suppose). 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Great article from Chad Leistikow about Jake Adams. He was headed to North Dakota -- until they folded their program last spring. 

The day the North Dakota news broke, Moore — a former Hawkeye — reached out to Iowa hitting coach Marty Sutherland and told him: “Hey, you need to get on this guy.”

Rick Heller, now in his fourth year as Iowa’s baseball coach, liked Adams, who blasted an eye-popping 42 home runs in two seasons for DMACC. But finding money was going to be a problem.

Luckily for Iowa, everyone else interested in Adams (except his home-state school, South Dakota State) was out of money, too. Adams had walk-on offers from Michigan State, Illinois and Kansas State.

Heller cobbled together a partial scholarship for Adams, with some funding freed up because incoming recruit Malique Ziegler was taken in the June MLB Draft and signed with the San Francisco Giants.

Adams is also a former football teammate of Matt VandeBerg -- small world... 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

No, it is not. It's partially a numbers game, as pointed out, but the state of Iowa used to punch well above its weight when it comes to producing top talent. It's not doing that nearly as much anymore, which is certainly a problem for Iowa. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I don't think it's a given that Ryan would come -- he has roots in Ohio now, has built a very good program there, and is closer to a lot more top talent than he would be at Iowa. Nor is it any sort of given that he would be better than Brands has been -- they've been fairly close in terms of results lately. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Pretty much to a man the recruits (especially the recent high-profile ones) talk about how much they like Morningstar and how good their relationships are with him, so there's some danger in getting rid of him.  Berhow has done a solid job with the heavier weights, but if you could replace him with a higher-profile national guy at the upper weights, I think that would be something you have to think about hard. 

And there's always an argument that having Tom and Terry Brands his duplicative, but Terry's track record with the lighter weights is very stellar. 

But it's a good bet that guys like Taylor, Dake, Burroughs, etc. will be entering the coaching ranks at some point and they will definitely be hot commodities. Landing one of them would be huge.  Burroughs is the closest to entering the coaching ranks, I think, but I'm not sure any of them will want to become full-time coaches until after the 2020 Olympic cycle. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

It's not really better -- for the most part, Iowa does hit on their 4* recruits. And while there are quite a few 2* success stories, we tend to forget (or never think about) a lot of the 2* guys that don't become starters or crack the two-deeps or even see much playing time, of which there are many. 

Just going back to 2010... 

4* recruits: Andrew Donnal, Marcus Coker, AJ Derby, CJ Fiedorowicz

Donnal and CJF become reliable multi-year starters (even if CJF was sadly underused). Coker had a brilliant sophomore season and likely would have been a 3-year starter barring some off-the-field issues. Derby lost out in the QB race and didn't want to become a TE or LB... even though that's what he became after he transferred (and what got him into the NFL). 

2* recruits: Austin Vier, Kevonte Martin-Manley, Anthony Hitchens, Tanner Miller, Jonny Mullings

KMM and Hitchens became very productive starters for Iowa (and Hitchens has become a solid NFL LB too). Miller started a lot for Iowa, although your mileage may vary on how good that was for Iowa. Vier and Mullings never played much. 

4* recruits: Austin Blythe, Ray Hamilton, Jordan Walsh, Rodney Coe

Blythe and Walsh became multi-year starters and were very good for Iowa.  Hamilton battled injuries (and an OC whose offense was not that TE-friendly) but was never super-productive for Iowa. Coe never made it to campus. 

2* recruits: Jordan Canzeri, Johnny Lowdermilk, Damon Bullock, Marcus Collins, Dean Tsopanides

Canzeri gave Iowa flashes through his first three seasons and had a very good senior season. Lowdermilk -- see Miller, Tanner. Bullock was a decent third-down RB. Collins and Tsopanides didn't quite pan out. 

4* recruits: Jaleel Johnson, Ryan Ward, Faith Ekakitie, Greg Garmon

Jaleel was a multi-year starter, very productive, and likely to be a 2nd or 3rd round NFL Draft pick. Ekakitie was a great rotational option at DT, but could never quite crack the starting spot. Ward was an enigma who never became a regular starter (or contributor) on the OL. Garmon redshirted and then transferred IIRC. 

2* recruits: Connor Kornbrath, Laron Taylor, Kevin Buford, Nate Meier, Reid Sealby

Meier became a starter at DE, although at first that was out of necessity. Kornbrath started, but got passed over and Taylor, Buford, and Sealby never became regular contributors. 

4* recruits: none :-(

2* recruits: Matt VandeBerg, Josey Jewell, Akrum Wadley, Anjeus Jones, Jonathan Parker

Definitely a banner year in terms of 2* recruits. Jewell, Wadley, and MVB are all multi-year starters and/or very productive players. Jones redshirted and transferred, IIRC. Parker just transferred. 

4* recruits: Jay Scheel, Tyler Wiegers

Scheel could never stay healthy and had to retire. Wiegers is still here, but seems to have been passed on the QB depth chart, which isn't a great sign. 

2* recruits: Mick Ellis, Terrence Harris, Ben Niemann, Josh Jackson, Parker Hesse, Dillon Kidd, Ross Reynolds

Niemann and Hesse are regular starters and have become solid, although they were pressed into service sooner than we would have liked. Jackson may become a starter this year. Reynolds is in the two-deeps. Ellis, Harris, and Kidd didn't produce much. 

4* recruits: James Daniels

Started as a TR FR and in line to be a 4-year starter. 

2* recruits: Brady Reiff, Justin Jinning, Adrian Falconer, Michael Ojemudia, Garret Jansen, Nick Wilson, Eric Graham

Reiff, Jansen, Falconer, and Ojemudia are in the recent two-deeps and may be important this season, although they seem more likely to be rotational guys rather than starters. Graham and Jinning have transferred out, I believe. Not sure what became of Wilson. 

Overall Iowa has a pretty good hit rate with 4* recruits, I think. The other thing is that the ones that hit tend to do very well and become some of our best players. Iowa does pretty well with 2* recruits as well, but there are several misses in there too. There's also a lot variability in their success rates -- Tanner Miller and Josey Jewell may both be multi-yer starters, but that doesn't mean the same thing, you know? Jewell is/was a very very good starter. Miller had a lot of struggles. I would say that you also tend to get more good production out of the 4* recruits -- many of them are able to play as freshmen and start becoming strong contributors as sophomores. With the 3* guys, most of them don't start becoming really productive or solid starters until they're juniors or seniors.  Which is fine and totally expected -- 2* guys are supposed to take longer to develop and 4* guys are supposed to be more ready to produce right away. Where Iowa's had some problems is when they've played 2* guys as freshmen or sophomores -- they (and the team) tend to take their lumps when that happens. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Jeff Horner had a lot of assists for Iowa and I'm sure he assisted on a game-winning bucket or three during his playing career. But his assist in getting Jok to Iowa was one of the biggest he ever had for the Hawkeyes. 

I wish Jok's senior season hadn't been derailed by injuries. Maybe there was a silver lining in that it forced some of Iowa's freshmen to grow up and develop faster, which will pay dividends for us for the next few years. But it sucks for Pete, who deserved to have the dominant, all-consuming senior season that it looked like he was going to have a few months ago. That would have been something to behold. 

And I'll dearly miss just watching Jok shoot. At his best, his form was so smooth and so effortless and seeing him get into a rhythm during a game and start draining EVERYTHING was always a delight. We didn't see that as much during Big Ten play, but at least he had those explosions against Minnesota and Indiana -- that was a glimpse of Jok at his shot-draining best. 

Thanks for the memories, Pete.  You will most definitely be missed. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Yeah, Dale Jones' situation is still murky. I think he's done at Iowa, but his plans for next year haven't been made official. He has one more year of eligibility to use somewhere. 

If Jones leaves and Connor walks on, Iowa doesn't need anyone else to transfer to make up the scholarship numbers.

I'd expect to find out what Dale's plans are in the next few weeks. We should also find out exactly what Connor is going to do (walk on? prep school? baseball? academic scholly?) around that same time, I'd guess. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Fran actually does have a third son (as well as a daughter; I believe they have four children total), although his name is Jack, IIRC. He's several years younger than Connor and Patrick, though.