By hawk6894 on August 16, 2016 at 8:49 am
Desmond King is ready to plunder.

There was no defensive back in the country better than Iowa cornerback Desmond King last fall and the Hawkeye senior has the hardware to prove it. Part of claiming the Jim Thorpe Award was a trip to Oklahoma City and King added to his lore with a simple purchase of an Oklahoma staple: the cowboy hat.

King, decked out in his brown hat, appeared with the rest of the Iowa football team at halftime of a Hawkeye basketball game and a legend was born. The hat, though, did not have much of a shelf life and now sits in King’s closet with the Thorpe Award.

The message is succinct – that was last year, this is this year.

We in the GoIowaAwesome research department agree. It is a new year for Iowa football and that means new headwear for King. But what type of hat? That’s where you come in. As a member of this important focus group, you will provide key feedback on what King will grace on his head when the season concludes.

So ignore that innocuous mirror, enjoy these complimentary chocolate-chip cookies and make your voice heard. Parody Twitter accounts are at stake.

Let's start with something that are fans south of the border will like:

king sombrero
How about a fez?
king fez

Perhaps you are looking for something more classy. Desmond King is the definition of class.

king bowler

Who's ready to celebrate?

king birthday

That Desmond King is certainly a goofball.

king propeller

But he's got an old soul.

king driver cap

King is high-cultured.

king beret

And is ready for all types of weather.

king trapper

And psst... he might be a superhero.

king batman

Nah just kidding. King is too relaxed for that.

king bucket

Ho... ho... ho...

king santa

Desmond is just like you.

king beer helmet

He can cook.

king chef
He can build.
king hard hat
And he can plunder.
king viking

But mostly he just looks good.

king stovepipe

Real good.

king fedora

I'm not kidding.

king kentucky derby

This last one is probably the most fitting.

king crown

But King's mom likes this one best.

king mortar

So which one do you like best? Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to pick up your special fleece pullover and football phone before you head out.

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