VIDEO: Iowa Baseball Players are World-Class at Videobombing Interviews

By RossWB on May 25, 2017 at 9:53 pm
wait, what?



This Iowa baseball team has some lively bats, some timely pitching performances, and a knack for pulling out thrilling wins. But they have more skills than that too: they're also superb at pulling off wacky videobombing shenanigans during interviews. 

Exhibit One, this surreal drinking fountain display during a Rick Heller in-game interview: 

Exhibit Two, this strongman display from Zach Fricke: 

I kept waiting for Fricke to F5 Zach Daniels (a Zach-on-Zach attack!), but alas -- no dice. Still, repeatedly bench-pressing him while his teammate conducts a post-game interview is pretty great, too. 

Tune into BTN tomorrow (12:30 PM CT) to see what Iowa's videobombing pranksters come up with next. 

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