VIDEO: Damond Powell Gets Penalized For Pooping a Football

By RossWB on June 11, 2017 at 9:56 pm

Have you thought about Damond Powell lately? Probably not. He hasn't suited up for Iowa since the 2014 season, which is not exactly a fondly remembered year. At Iowa, Powell was a vertical route burner in an offense that didn't really know what to do with a player like that. After two years at Iowa that resulted in 31 receptions for 608 yards and five touchdowns, Powell's eligibility was up.

Given his slight size (5'11", 180) and modest production, NFL teams weren't beating down his door. So he wound up playing arena football in the Indoor Football League. He's actually not far from Iowa City, either -- playing for the Cedar Rapids Titans (who are coached by another former Iowa receiver, Marvin McNutt). He seems to be thriving there -- he leads the league in yards per catch (13.8) and is second in receiving touchdowns (20) -- but he's famous for more than his catching prowess now: 

POOP. (You'll have to go to the post itself on Deadspin to watch the full video.) 

Sadly, the refs were not amused by Powell's celebration and flagged him for excessive celebration. Spoilsports. 

My previous favorite Damond Powell highlight was this wonderful touchdown against Minnesota in 2013 (which actually looks kinda similar to the touchdown Powell scored before doing his faux-popping celebration): 

Followed closely by this amazing one-handed catch against Pitt in 2014: 

But I think I'm going to have to re-rank my list now. Don't let the haters with whistles get you down, Damond. 

H/T Deadspin and Land of 10

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