First K-Pop, Now Indian Rap: Iowa's Global Music Takeover Continues

By RossWB on August 17, 2017 at 2:55 pm
Go Iowa (gear) Awesome

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Has it really been seven years since we discovered Girls Generation via the song "Oh!" and its accompanying video featuring the K-Pop songstresses of Girls Generation hugging (and kissing) an Iowa football helmet? It really has been that long. How time flies. We never did figure out how (or why) an Iowa helmet was featured so prominently in the video, and honestly, that's probably for the best. The actual answer seems unlikely to live up to our wild dreams and speculations. 

Since then Iowa gear has branched out into other musical genres, including West Coast rap courtesy of the one and only Snoop Dogg. There actually was an explanation of sorts for that sartorial choice, as detailed by The Gazette. Now we have a new discovery, though: Iowa gear in an Indian rap video. Yes, really. Courtesy commenter LaissezFerentz, we bring you MC Mike, MC Uneek, and Om Sripathi's banger, "Tipiri Tipiri," a Telugu rap song. 

Right around the 1:35 mark that... uh, really appears to be one of the rappers rocking an Iowa jersey and hat under his zip-up hoodie. 

Iowa gear whatup

That really appears to be an "IOWA" wordmark across the middle of the chest, above the 16 and his backward-facing hat appears to have a gold block-I logo (used by Iowa on countless hats). That said, there are some peculiarities about the jersey, too. At first it looks like the blackout alternate uniforms worn by Iowa for the 2015 game against Minnesota -- it appears to have the same big gold numerals as those jerseys. But upon further examination, I have some questions about that.

LeShun bangin' in 2015
(photo credit: Jeffrey Becker, USA Today Sports)

The "IOWA" wordmark on the actual jerseys looks bigger than it does on the jersey worn in the video. The actual jersey also has Nike and B1G logos on it, near the neck area. The video in the jersey also appears to have gold sleeve stripes, while the actual blackout jerseys did not have gold sleeve stripes (to the best of the my knowledge; in every picture, the shoulders of the jerseys are wrapped tight against the shoulder pad, potentially hiding any gold sleeve stripes if they did exist). So I'm not sure this is an actual version of Iowa's blackout uniform from 2015.

And yet... I do still really think it's an Iowa jersey. The wordmark really does suggest "IOWA" and the hat definitely looks like an Iowa hat (I'm pretty sure I have one like it in my collection, in fact). I think he is wearing an Iowa jersey... it's just not an official Iowa jersey. I'm not sure if the fact that he's seemingly wearing a bootleg Iowa jersey inspired by the 2015 blackout uniform makes this whole thing more or less weird, to be honest. 

Telugu, in case you're curious, is one of the many language spoken in India (there are about 75 million native speakers, per wiki). As far as what "Tipiri Tipiri" means, I defer to this explanation provided in The Hindu

But what does Tipiri Tipiri mean? “Something very Hyderabadi. All our songs and videos have the local flavour and nothing can be more local that they sound of the dappu when doing the teen maar. Tipiri Tipiri is the sound made when the dappu is beaten with the drum-sticks meant for it,”explains Harish Gorapalli, aka MC Uneek.

It is pretty damn catchy after you listen to it for a bit, I have to say. Much like the Girls Generation video, we have no clue why one of the rappers in this video opted to (seemingly) wear an Iowa hat and jersey. We're just delighted by the oddity and happy to see Iowa getting repped on the subcontinent, frankly. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to figure out how to say "Go Iowa Awesome" in Telugu... 

H/T to commenter LaissezFerentz for bringing this to our attention. 

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