Minnesota Going Full Gopher This Weekend

By RossWB on September 14, 2017 at 5:53 pm
That's a big dang rodent.

Goldy Gopher, the biggest dang rodent in the Big Ten as well as Minnesota's eponymous mascot, is celebrating his birthday in a few weeks (he'll be 77 years young). But since the Gophers have a bye week on September 23rd (which appears to be his actual birthday, if Wikipedia is to be believed), the Gophers are celebrating it this weekend, for their game against Middle Tennessee State, as P.J. Fleck announced as only he can: 

So yeah: Minnesota is going gold-on-gold -- or, really, gold-on-gold-on-gold, since they're also going to be wearing gold helmets on top of gold uniforms and gold pants. That's... a lot of gold. And as you saw in the video, these aren't your typical Minnesota helmets, no sir. These helmets have a rodent infestation. 

That is a big damn gopher head. Minnesota gonna Minnesota. 

No Goldy moment will ever top this one anyway: 


Source: @Coach_Fleck

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