McCaffery, Tired of Soft Millennials, Turns Recruiting Focus to Other Generations

By Rick Reese on February 13, 2018 at 9:24 am
"Give me your tired, your poor, your greatest generation-era point guards..."

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With Iowa’s struggles on the hardwood, it’s not too early to turn the focus to next year’s season and how recruiting helps turn the tide. Fran McCaffery has already inked Iowa shooting guard Joe Wieskamp (a top 50 prospect) and shooting guard C.J. Fredrick. The roster looks full, losing only Dom Uhl and maybe Brady Ellingson. Still, Fran McCaffery may add more and he’s changing his focus for at least one final recruit.

Tired of the current generation of student athletes, there’s scuttlebutt that McCaffery may look to some “seniority” to bolster his team’s toughness. Yes, the Millennial Generation, constantly awarded for waking up and always on the prowl for avocado toast. An entire generation with a closet dedicated to participation trophies may not have the sand for Big Ten brawler ball.

So, the story goes, McCaffery is looking at the previous generations for help and we have the Top Three possible late addition recruits to this 2017-18 class.

Joseph “Cap” Anderson | 6’1” 175 pounds | Center | Albia, Iowa

Anderson, born in 1924, was a star for the Albia Boy’s Basketball team in 1937 where he averaged four points a game and two rebounds. Following his sophomore season he left to join the Army and would serve in World War II driving a tank in Europe and eventually all across Germany. Per one recruiting analyst, “Cap was there for the Battle of the Bulge, he’d be ready for the Battle in the Big Ten.” That sort of grit may just be what Iowa needs. He’s a little short though. The 6’1” might be generous or measured before Cap started losing height 64 years ago.

Jeremy Stewart | 6’3” 240 pounds | Forward | Naperville, Illinois

Stewart, from Generation X, still has some spring in his step having just hit the ripe age of 40. He wasn’t really into sports in High School unless you count hacky sack. He’s still in decent shape and can bang inside the paint just like he loves to still bang “in the pit” every year at Lollapalooza. Stewart doesn’t have an offer yet but we hear he’ll accept if it comes. That is as long as the practice schedule doesn’t interfere with him attending the Pearl Jam shows at Wrigley this August.

Robert Jesper | 6’4” 285 pounds | Foward | Springfield, Missouri

Jesper is part of the “Baby Boomer” generation born shortly after World War II and reached adolescence during the tumultuous 1960s era. Jesper possess a strong back-down game and still believes in calling his own fouls on the court. Despite experiencing so much in his life, it’s not Vietnam, Nixon or the Cold War that’s hardened Jesper. It’s the dips in his 401k in both 2001 and 2008. The rowdy crowd at the Breslin Center is nothing compared to being in small cap emerging markets in 2008 and them moving to fixed income for the next seven years.

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