Behold, the Glorious Kirk Ferentz Mullet

By RossWB on July 24, 2018 at 7:31 pm



Kirk Ferentz is getting ready to start his TWENTIETH season as the head coach at Iowa. He's the longest-tenured head coach in FBS -- by a considerable margin. His time at Iowa is approaching 30 years if you include his stint as an offensive line coach under Hayden Fry in the 80s. Given all that time, we assumed we knew pretty much all there was to know about Ferentz's past. Well, you know what they say when you assume... because today we were presented with this jaw-dropping discovery, courtesy of @IowaOnBTN.


And not just any old mullet, either -- this was an absolutely majestic mullet. The front is calm, measured, and says "Yes, I am a sober businessman capable of making adult decisions." It's a haircut that the bank would approve a mortgage for without a co-signer. It's a haircut that would play the percentages and punt on fourth down from the opponent's side of the field. 

But the back... lordy, is there ever a party going on back there. Just look at the flow in the back. That's a haircut that says "Hell yeah, give me that fifth shot of tequila." It's a haircut that buys a bitchin' new electric guitar instead of paying the mortgage. It's a haircut that sees a fourth down play and calls "polecat." 

That's a damn mullet alright. 

Eat your heart out, Mike Gundy. 

That's a mullet that even longtime blog favorite J Leman would tip his cap to in admiration. 


It feels appropriate -- like coming around full circle -- that we've come back to a mullet as impressive and as powerful as the J Lemullet. Leman -- and his mullet -- were one of the first things we blogged about back in the early, pre-BHGP days, and they were a fixture of the early BHGP days. Time really is a flat circle -- with absolutely incredible flow. 





Just look at those mullets in action, side-by-side: 


Truly we are #blessed. 

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