We Need To Talk About Iowa Football's Newfound Interest In Falconry

By RossWB on June 27, 2019 at 7:15 pm
smile like a hawk

Once we got over the shock of Iowa's new, very, very, very gold alternate uniform, there was something else of note in the photos and videos released for the new uniform: Iowa football is apparently getting really into falconry right now. 

Brandon Smith and hawk 2
brandon smith with hawk
AJ Brandon Nate hawk

(And, yes, it's still called "falconry," even if the bird in question is a hawk and not a falcon.The English language is a strange beast.) 

The hawk's reaction to all of this is excellent as well: 

shocked hawk

I had the same reaction when I saw the all-gold unis, fella. 

Iowa's Instagram feed has even more pictures of Iowa's gold-clad gladiators showing off their falconry chops. 

team falconry
Nate Stanley hawk
Brandon Smith hawk flapping

US: How do you make A.J. Epenesa even more terrifying on the football field?

IOWA: Give him an actual bird of prey? 

Epenesa hawk

The only downside to giving Epy a hawk is that it means he has one fewer hand available to sack the quarterback. On the other hand, that really just makes things fair for the other team. 

On a more serious note, though: Iowa football really should add a live hawk to the in-game experience at Kinnick Stadium. Hire an actual falconer (if only Adrian Falconer had stayed at Iowa...) and incorporate the hawk into the pre-game spectacle. If Bo Pelini can bring a housecat onto the field, then we can do something with a hawk. Would the hawk be freaked out by 70,000 screaming people and "Back in Black" blaring from the sound system? I mean, maybe. I'm not an ornithologist. 

Anyway, Iowa football is into falconry now. This is indisputable. If no one asks them about this at Big Ten Media Days next month, the entire Big Ten media corps is dead to me. GET US THAT RED-HOT FALCONRY SCOOP, JOURNOS. 

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