Casey Kreiter Gives The Bottle Cap Challenge A Long Snapping Spin

By RossWB on July 13, 2019 at 5:11 pm
go long snapping awesome

Weird things go viral on the internet in 2019 (because... the internet), and one of the latest viral trends has been the Bottle Cap Challenge, in which people try to remove a bottle cap from a bottle. Mostly this has involved people roundhouse kicking the cap off the bottle, like crooner John Mayer (no, really), noted kick 'n' punch enthusiast Jason Statham, and Hong Kong action movie god Donnie Yen. It has also involved Mariah Carey using the power of her vocal chords to remove the cap from a bottle, because why not. 

Former Iowa football player and current Denver Bronco Pro Bowl long snapper Casey Kreiter decided to put his own spin on the Bottle Cap Challenge. Kreiter turned to his own greatest skill to remove the bottle cap, which is, of course, his long snapping acumen. Behold: 

Now that's some damn precision long snapping. It's worth noting that this is not the first time Kreiter has put his precision long snapping skills to use, either. Two years ago, Kreiter used some pinpoint accurate long snapping for a gender reveal:


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