How Would Kirk Ferentz Tailgate?

By RossWB on July 20, 2019 at 12:50 pm
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Many things were said at Big Ten Media Days on Thursday and Friday. Most of them weren't very interesting. But there was one morsel of information from Kirk Ferentz that got our brains firing: 

Tailgating is awesome. Tailgating before and after (and, hell, sometimes during -- no judgment here) Iowa games is awesome. Of course Kirk Ferentz would want to get in on that tailgating action. But as experienced tailgaters now, there are many ways to skin that cat chug that beer. So how would Kirk Ferentz do an Iowa tailgate? 

Would he fire up the grill and throw down some hot dogs and brats? Or would he go for more "elevated" tailgate fare? Maybe he would chow down on a Big Ass Turkey Leg and buy an Iowa Fucking City Shirt? *Ferentz snort* OK, so he probably wouldn't purchase that particular shirt. 

And what about the games? As everyone knows, eating and drinking is only part of the tailgate fun -- you've gotta do something to kill time until the game kicks off (or, after the game, as you wait for the parking lots to clear out). He doesn't strike me as a beer pong aficionado. What about flip cup? 

Maybe not. But I can see Ferentz getting really into bags (or cornhole, if you prefer) and getting really good at it. I feel like that's very much in his wheelhouse. 

Alas, we'll have to wait to find out what Kirk Ferentz, Tailgater is really like. There's no indication that Kirk Ferentz, Football Coach is going anywhere anytime soon. But someday... 

How do you think Kirk Ferentz would tailgate? Hit up the comments. 

H/T to @KingsCowboyHat for his GIF assistance! 

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