Outback Bowl Disses Iowa, Its Most Loyal Customer

By RossWB on August 27, 2019 at 2:30 pm
boo outback boo

The regular season hasn't quite started yet for most teams, but that doesn't mean it's not too early to start thinking about BOWL SZN. Unfortunately, one notable bowl has decided to break out a proverbial folding chair and smash it across Iowa's back: 

Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Auburn... WAIT A DAMN MINUTE. 


Have you already forgotten about our glorious triumph over the cowbell cavalry to ring in the new year and bless the nation with free Coconut Shrimp? Have you forgotten about all the memories we've shared? And there are a lot of memories, Outback Bowl. 

No other team has played in more Outback Bowls than Iowa's six. Michigan has also made six appearances in this bowl, but two of those appearances were back when the bowl was calling itself the Hall of Fame Bowl. Only Iowa has made six appearances in its current Coconut Shrimp and Bloomin' Onion-coated glory. In fact, all six of Iowa's appearances have come in the past 16 years; the Outback Bowl is the reason Iowa fans have time shares near Tampa. 

Perhaps Iowa was omitted from this image because they were the Big Ten's representative in this game last year (their second appearance in the last three seasons) and are thus essentially ineligible from being selected for the 2020 Outback Bowl. Perhaps. (Last year's SEC representative, Mississippi State, is also omitted.) Or perhaps this is just the return of old hostilities from our good friend/bitter rival. After all this is not the first time the Outback Bowl has viciously snubbed Iowa. And it wouldn't be the first time that we've called for a MANCOTT in response

We will not forget this slight, Outback Bowl. You can keep your salt-stuffed calorie bombs and your economically-priced entrees. Woo some other Big Ten fanbase with your complimentary bread loaves and free refills on non-alcoholic beverages. Our relationship is finished, much like that Aussie-tizer plate of Aussie Cheese Fries we housed the last time we were at one of your establishments. 


p.s. just go ahead and put us down for #teamcoconutshrimp at the 2022 outback bowl now 

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