Who Will Be College Gameday’s Guest Picker – The Final Four

By Mike Jones on September 12, 2019 at 2:04 pm
McDonald's Loves Iowa State
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We’ve now narrowed College Gameday’s guest picker down to four choices. Now, it’s your turn to predict the person (or thing) most appropriate to appear in Ames on Saturday. Your choices are as follows.

The Winner of the “Political Celebrity” Bracket: Steve King

Dignitaries Results

It comes as no surprise that the United States Representative from Iowa’s 4th District and America’s favorite white nationalist won the “political celebrity” bracket. Ames’s congressman picking games based upon the number of minorities between the teams seems archaic but he is nothing if not a voice for his people. Kudos to Shelby the Sign Tearer Upper making a decent showing for second place but it’s nice to know that the College Gameday crew wouldn’t go with someone convicted of a crime for the very thing that made them infamous.

The Winner of the ISU Fan Bracket: ISU Fan That Wants to Fight Bill Self

Poor Cat Campbell! He tried but failed to defeat the immortal Iowa State basketball fan who rushed the floor and challenged Bill Self to pistols at dawn over (big shocker) his belief that there were a bunch of bad calls by referees at the end of a Kansas game! Cat will always have his cats, though.

ISU Fan Results

The Winner of the ISU Dignitaries Bracket: Larry Eustachy

Eustachy Parties

Iowa State’s most problematic coach in school history was sadly the more popular choice over Dr. Cuddlekins. It’s disappointing because Dr. Cuddlekins is nothing but positive energy and would be tremendous at matchmaking. Larry Eustachy is (or was) just a flat out bad person.

ISU Dignitaries Results

The Winner of the Sad ISU Things Bracket: This McDonald’s Tweet

Now, I’m not trying to influence anyone’s vote but I think it might be clear who our frontrunner is. This Tweet, by the McDonald’s Corporation, is one of the most inadvertent owns in social media history. They couldn’t have known, right? They couldn’t have known that for years, Iowa State had been ridiculed for having the same school colors as McDonald’s. That Ronald McDonald had been jokingly called Iowa State’s mascot and the name CyClown was thrown around like Jaegerbombs at a New Jersey wedding. They couldn’t have known…right?

ISU Sad Things Results

So, we’re down to it. Who will it be on Saturday?

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