Gardner-Webb And Campbell Are Ripping Off Floyd of Rosedale For Their Own Trophy

By RossWB on October 7, 2021 at 3:06 pm
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Friends, we need to take a brief interlude from Penn State Week and the Iowa Game Of The Century Of The Week on Saturday to discuss some important RIVALRY TROPHY SHENANIGANS. 

Gardner-Webb and Campbell, two rival universities in North Carolina, have decided to add a rivalry trophy and some BBQ-related stakes to the game this year: 

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—Gardner-Webb University and Campbell University football programs are gearing up for the inaugural East/West BBQ Bowl on Saturday, Oct. 9. While each team wants to be the first to hoist and keep the Hog Trophy, there’s also a hearty meal on the line.

Kickoff for the inaugural rivalry game is set for 6 p.m. in Ernest W. Spangler Stadium. The losing team will be tasked with supplying a barbecue feast from its region—eastern-style for the Camels, western or Lexington-style for the Bulldogs—to the winning side. Gardner-Webb has chosen Red Bridges Barbecue of Shelby, N.C., for its meal, and Campbell has selected White Swan Barbecue in Smithfield, N.C.

We here at Go Iowa Awesome are very supportive of putting additional stakes on games and making the losing team in a game provide BBQ for the winning team is a great and fun twist. No problems at all with that side of things. We're also broadly supportive of rivalry trophies. But this one has some... problems. Well, A problem. But it's a pretty big problem. 

This is the new East/West BBQ Bowl Trophy: 

East/West BBQ Bowl Trophy

And this was our reaction on seeing that trophy: 

Leo pointing


Floyd of Rosedale


That trophy is Floyd. Like, there is no ambiguity about this -- that is the actual dang Floyd of Rosedale trophy right there. It's got the same angle to the snout, the same bend in the tail, even the exact same piece of fabric draped across the back. That's Floyd with a hasty (and shitty) silver paint job. 


I get it: Carolina BBQ is heavily pork-based, so a pig-themed trophy makes sense for this particular contest. But you can't just steal our pig wholesale, guys. That's not how this works. You need to get your own damn pig

This vile and shameful trophy theft is an act of aggression that simply cannot stand. We're inclined to invoke the most powerful weapon in our arsenal (no, not cease-and-desist letters, we don't have the authority to issue those here): a MANCOTT. Not of the universities themselves, but rather of the entire concept of North Carolina BBQ. To hell with your stupid vinegar-based 'cue, Carolinians. It's bad and dumb and we want no part of it. 

But before we take that nuclear step and purge your inferior BBQ from our palates, maybe we can avoid going that far by reaching a compromise. Because if you want to steal one of Iowa's rivalry trophies, well, we have one that we're not even using right now that you're more than welcome to appropriate for your own purposes. 

corn family

You can probably chisel those ears of corn into pulled pork sandwiches, right? Sure you can. That's our final offer: take the Pewter Corn Family and use it to commemorate your BBQ battle and cancel the blasphemous notion of copying Floyd. This seems like a reasonable ask, Gardner-Webb and Campbell. Just leave Floyd alone, you damn trophy plagiarists. 

H/T to GIA commenter LumberHawk for bringing this to our attention

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