Caring Is Creepy 2017: Have a Seat, Tyrone Tracy, Jr.

By Patrick Vint on April 30, 2017 at 1:21 pm
Tyrone Tracy
Tyrone Tracy (Youtube)

Indiana-based recruit Tyrone Tracy Jr. announced his commitment to Iowa football Saturday, becoming the fourth member of the Hawkeyes' 2018 recruiting class.  Tracy, who posted big numbers over the last two years as a running back and receiver, could play either position in Iowa City.  He is listed as a three-star recruit at all the services, and chose Iowa over Northwestern and Louisville.

The reason that we know he chose Iowa over Northwestern and Louisville is that Tracy posted an absurdly great commitment video to announce his decision, complete with special effects and elaborate handshakes.

So let me preface my opinion with this: I love this stuff.  I thought the time that Reggie Spearman put on an Illini hat, then took it off and put on an Iowa hat was the greatest commitment we would ever witness.  We say "caring is creepy" because placing seriousness and importance on the internal decisions of high school kids is just that, but we're all for having fun with it.  Three cheers for Tyrone Tracy this morning.

But Reggie Spearman isn't at Iowa anymore.  Neither is Eno Benjamin, and people who know believe it was in no small part due to his self-promoting social media presence.  Tracy's commitment video comes in the same week that Iowa's director of recruiting posted this on his Twitter account:

So you have to wonder what the reaction is in the Iowa Football offices this morning to a self-made promotional video, announcing a commitment to a program which places "culture" above all else and whose culture abhors self-promotion.

We're certainly glad that Tyrone Tracy is in the boat.  Due to geography and offensive style and, yes, culture, Iowa is in perpetual need of skill position talent at both running back and wide receiver, and anyone who receives the Bobby Petrino seal of approval at one of those spots is good enough for us.  We just hope that the trip from here to Signing Day in December isn't rocky.

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