Caring is Creepy 2020: Have a Seat, Keylen Gulley

By RossWB on June 18, 2019 at 5:27 pm
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It's summer, which means the temperature keep rising -- and so do the number of commits in Iowa's 2020 football recruiting class. Just a few days after they grabbed a verbal commitment from WR prospect Quavon Matthews, Iowa added another commit on Tuesday in Keylen Gulley: 

Gulley, a 6'0", 167-lb defensive back prospect, is a 3* recruit, per Rivals and 247Sports. He chose Iowa over offers from South Dakota and Southern Miss (suck it, tigerhawk thieves). He also happens to hail from Largo High in Tampa, which makes him a teammate of Matthews. Current Hawkeye Calvin Lockett also went to Largo. All three players were coached by former Hawkeye Marcus Paschal, who's certainly helping Iowa develop a bit of a pipeline in Tampa. 

The Paschal connection is particularly intriguing in Gulley's case, since he's a defensive back prospect. Given that Paschal was a (rather good) defensive back himself, you'd imagine he has a good eye for talent at that position. Per Rivals, Paschal had this to say about Gulley: 

"Keylen has made tremendous progress since joining us a sophomore and being able to learn the small details of being a big time defensive back," said Paschal. "He is a long armed kid with with safety tackling ability and great hips in coverage to be a lock down corner."

Gulley is the 14th member of Iowa's 2020 recruiting class. At present Iowa's class is sitting in some lofty territory -- 18th overall nationally and 2nd among all Big Ten teams (behind Ohio State, of course). 

The volume of Iowa's class has something to do with their ranking -- with 14 recruits, Iowa's class is the 14th largest recruiting class in 2020 so far. That said, it's not just a question of volume. Per Rivals, Minnesota has 16 commits in their 2020 class, but ranks 27th overall and Louisville has 18 commits and ranks 24th overall. (Army and Navy have 17 commits apiece but rank just 70th and 83rd, respectively, which is down to the fact that recruiting at service academies is its own weird beast.) So it's not just volume that's moving Iowa up in the rankings -- they're getting some quality prospects (per the recruitniks) in the process. That said, Iowa's overall ranking will dip as other teams add more commits, particularly if those prospects are of the 4* or high 3* variety. 

You can check out highlights of Gulley in action below: 

Gulley shows off some really nice tackling skills and solid ball skills. His extra-long arms look like a very nice asset to have in coverage as well. And, frankly, he's a defensive back recruit at Iowa, which means Phil Parker has signed off on him. And if Phil Parker likes what he sees, well, we're pretty good with that. His track record at identifying -- and developing -- talent at the defensive back position is absolutely sterling.

Welcome to Iowa, Keylen. 

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