Caring is Creepy 2020: Have a Seat, Diante Vines

By RossWB on July 5, 2019 at 3:23 pm
welcome to iowa, diante
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There have been a lot of fireworks lately, both in the literal sense (it was the Fourth of July yesterday, of course, with many a night sky light up with brightly-colored explosions) and the more figurative sense. After their frenzied streak of commitments a few weeks ago, Iowa's recruiting slowed down for a bit -- but produced some fireworks again on Wednesday night, as Iowa added another prospect to their 2020 haul: 

Diante Vines, listed at 5'11", 189 lbs, is rated a 3* prospect by both Rivals and 247Sports. Vines chose Iowa over offers from Syracuse, Boston College, Army, Navy, and a host of smaller east coast private schools (Georgetown, Holy Cross, Fordham, Lehigh, Sacred Heart, to name a few). Vines is from the Nutmeg State (that's Connecticut, if you're not up on your state nicknames) and had 51 receptions for 602 yards and 12 TDs as a junior in 2018. He also had 181 yards on kickoff returns as well as 18 tackles and an interception on defense. Rivals lists him in their "athlete" catch-all category, while 247 lists him as a receiver; it sounds like the plan is for Vines to start at the receiver spot at Iowa. 

You can see Vines in action below: 

Vines shows nice hands and pretty good speed in those clips. He also doesn't look afraid to go over the middle at all, nor does he shy away from contact. He does a good job of getting separation from defenders, but I do wonder how easy it will be for him to replicate that at the Big Ten level; he seems to be using raw speed to get by defenders there, rather than sharp route-running or nifty footwork. Speed alone probably won't be enough to get him past Big Ten defensive backs. These highlights also show him working mainly on the outside, but at 5'11", I wonder if he might be more of a slot receiver at Iowa. Of course, there's plenty of time to sort that out. In the meantime, it's always good to add another potential weapon to the passing game. 

Welcome to Iowa, Mr. Vines. 

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