SWARM 20: Our Favorite Recruits

By RossWB on December 20, 2019 at 8:33 am
go luke go

Iowa's 2020 recruiting class is (apparently) in the books, so which recruits have most caught the apple of our eye? Glad you asked. 

Logan Jones (Council Bluffs, IA) - DL

MIKE: I don’t just say this because he’s arguably Iowa’s best recruit and the best recruit in the state. I say this because Iowa is going to be thin at defensive end assuming Epenesa goes pro and there isn’t a clear heir to his throne. Iowa lists him at 6’3", 260, which was the same size of Parker Hesse. Some might call that undersized but remember, he’s a true freshman and he’s ENTERING the program at 260. Even a short time with Doyle can beef a guy up. I like Jones because I think he’s a hell of a player and someone who could make an immediate impact.

Isaiah Bruce (Lena, IL) - DL

DREW: G’day Bruce! Despite playing wide receiver, and tight end, and running back in high school (racking up over 1,000 yards and 16 touchdowns last year), Bruce is slated to add some much-needed depth to Iowa’s defensive line. Although he’s not gigantic by interior lineman standards, he’s strong, explosive off the ball, has long arms, and plays with good leverage. With any luck, Chris Doyle will have him strong enough and ready to disrupt backfields in a few years, and his all-around ability will certainly give him a leg up.

Yahya Black (Marshall, MN) - DL

PAT: I'll take defensive end Yahya Black, for a whole host of reasons: (1) I think offer lists are about as good a barometer as you can get on a recruit's motivations, so give me the guy who was recruited by North Dakota State, former NDSU head coach Chris Klieman, and former NDSU offensive coordinator Tim Polasek. If three levels of NDSU sign off, that guy's a gamer. (2) He's a Minnesota kid who has held a Minnesota offer throughout, and even after P.J. Fleck's dream season, he stayed loyal to Iowa, and (3) HIS NAME IS YAHYA, AND I NEED CONTENT.

Deuce Hogan (Grapevine, TX) - QB

NICK: I'm not a huge recruiting guy, but it's hard not to be excited about Deuce Hogan. Will he be good? Who knows, but his name is wonderful and I am very excited to be able to share gifs of Hulk Hogan leg dropping fools while I scream "THE DEUCE IS LOOSE" whenever he does something on the field. Also, I briefly watched his film and Matt Millen is 100% going to compare him to Ben Roethlisberger at some point in his career.

Diante Vines (Watertown, CT) - WR

ADAM: Am I biased by a cool-sounding name like “Diante Vines?” Very well, I’m biased. But the name rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Diante Vines. It befits a big playmaker on the outside, and that’s what Iowa has in this recruit. Vines has explosive speed to stretch defenses, and his ability to high-point the ball and make catches in traffic is something that’ll be exceptionally valuable at the next level. Iowa’s track record with wideouts has left a lot to be desired in the last decade, but Vines has star-quality potential; here’s to hoping he can work hard enough to turn that into production.

Luke Lachey (Columbus, OH) - TE

ROSS: I love me a good tight end and Lachey looks like he could be a hell of a tight end for Iowa. He has good size -- in the 6'6" range -- and great athleticism. He has a better high jump than Noah Fant, was a sprinter in high school, and also plays basketball (where he's had some eye-popping highlights too). His highlights show a player with good hands and the ability (and the willingness) to catch the ball in traffic. His leaping ability, hands, and ability to box out will make him a weapon near the end zone at the very least, but his highlights suggest he could be the total package at tight end, too. And he's out of Columbus but didn't have an OSU offer -- so you know he's going to have a chip on his shoulder when the Buckeyes come to town. I'm ready for the next great product of TE U.  

What about you? Which recruit most catches your eye from Iowa's 2020 class? 

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