Caring is Creepy 2022: Have a Seat, Carson May

By RossWB on June 29, 2021 at 6:40 pm
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You probably know the drill by now. Iowa likes to recruit one quarterback in each recruiting class in order to maintain a steady supply of QB prospects. Quarterbacks often tend to commit early in the recruiting process, which Iowa usually encourages in order to 1) get the QB position wrapped up in the recruiting process and 2) get the new QB commit out there recruiting additional prospects. (QBs are often great at selling other prospects on the possibility of playing together at a school in the future.) Well... mission accomplished on that front for Iowa football and its 2022 recruiting class. Come on down, Carson May. 

May isn't currently rated by either Rivals or 247 Sports, but you can probably go ahead and pencil him in as a 3* prospect at this point. Like many of Iowa's recent QBs, May is a big pocket passer. He's listed at 6'5" and 220 lbs. Not every recent QB has been jumbo-sized -- current QB2 Alex Padilla is only listed at 6'1" -- but Deuce Hogan and Joey Labas are each 6'4", while Spencer Petras tops out at 6'5". Former Iowa starting QB Nate Stanley was, of course, a tall drink of water himself. Iowa likes them some tall QBs. 

A native of Jones, OK, May chose Iowa over offers from Old Dominion and Western Michigan. (Suck it, Broncos.) As a junior, May completed 220 of 366 (60.1%) of his passes for 3020 yards through the air and 26 touchdowns against just five interceptions. And while he's likely to make his bones at Iowa as a pocket passer, he also had 650 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns on the ground, suggesting he'll be far from immobile in said pocket. 

On film, a few things jump out about May: his size makes it easy for him to see over defenders and see passing windows, especially downfield. He also appears to throw a very catchable ball (it often just drops into the hands of his receivers) and he seems to show some nice touch, especially on deep passes and balls to the perimeter. There are a few nice throws on the run as well, which is encouraging. On the other hand, his highlights show him working primarily out of the shotgun; he'll likely need time to adjust to working form under-center more often at Iowa. He's also competing against smaller school competition in Oklahoma, so he'll need time to adjust to the speed and physicality of a league like the Big Ten. He may also need to upgrade his footwork and arm strength, but those can be improved via drills and strength training. 

Overall, there's a lot to like about May's commitment to Iowa. He doesn't look like a QB prospect who will step in and immediately challenge for playing time, but he shows some very promising attributes and looks to have a high developmental ceiling. It may take a year or two before he's ready to blossom in Iowa City, but there certainly seems to a lot of potential for strong QB play with him. Hopefully he'll be making opposing defenders cry out "Mayday!" as he drops expertly-weighted passes into the hands of receivers and tight ends downfield. Welcome to Iowa, Carson. 

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