Play Go Iowa Awesome's 2017 Bracket Pick Em Challenge

By RossWB on March 13, 2017 at 3:48 pm
What a chairshot!
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For the first time in four years, Iowa won't be a part of the NCAA Tournament festivities, but while they ready themselves for an NIT run, there's no reason for us to ignore the NCAA Tournament completely. It's still a wildly fun event and the opening weekend is still arguably the greatest part of the sporting calendar every year. And filling out a bracket is always a good time, right? Right. 

So now you can show off your picking skills against your fellow Go Iowa Awesome readers and internet ne'er-do-wells in our 2017 Go Iowa Awesome Tournament Challenge game, hosted by ESPN.  The game homepage is here. Here's the group information: 

NAME: GoIowaAwesomeNCAA17PickEm
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

One entry per person. Scoring uses ESPN's standard scoring, meaning that wins on Thursday/Friday this week are worth 10 points each and wins on Saturday/Sunday are worth 20 points each. Sweet 16 wins are worth 40 points each, while Elite Eight wins are worth 80 points each. Final Four wins are worth 160 points each and picking the overall national champion is worth 320 points. So you really, really want to nail those final picks if you want to win the contest. If you picked every game correctly, you'd finish with 1920 points. You'd also be some incredible super-genius or the luckiest person ever. 

The grand prize winner in our contest (as determined by ESPN's tiebreakers) will win the adulation of your fellow posters, as well as a Go Iowa Awesome shirt of his or her choosing.  Come join the fun

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