By Adam Jacobi on March 25, 2017 at 3:02 pm
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Indiana filled its men's basketball coaching vacancy by hiring Archie Miller from the University of Dayton on Saturday, bringing yet another talented young coach to the Big Ten.

Miller's bona fides are impeccable; he coached as an assistant for several high-level programs for eight years — his last stop coming under older brother Sean at Arizona — then took over Dayton's head coaching job at the age of 33 in 2011. He has taken the Flyers to four straight NCAA Tournaments, though they've never come close to replicating the magic of their first trip when they made a miracle run to the Elite 8, and he has won over two-thirds of his conference games in the Atlantic 10.

Of course, this means He Who Must Not Be Named is not taking the job, despite a rather public flirtation that began before Crean was officially let go. [REDACTED] was reportedly offered a massive contract by Indiana, and Miller's hire didn't come until after Kid Slick was eliminated from the tournament Friday night — when he publicly reaffirmed his status with UCLA. Being that Miller's stay in the tournament was comparatively brief, it sure looks like Indiana was waiting for Wonder Bread to have the opportunity to take the job. It'll be interesting to see what the reporting around this flirtation reveals in the coming days and weeks. If that's something you care about, anyway. It's fine if you don't.


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