Go Iowa Awesome Bracket Challenge Winner + Final Results

By RossWB on April 4, 2017 at 1:58 pm
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The conclusion of the NCAA Tournament last night means that college hoops is done for another year, which also means that bracket challenges are done for another year. This year the winner of the Go Iowa Awesome NCAA Tournament Challenge contest came down to the final game between Gonzaga and UNC. Several of y'all picked UNC to win it all, but only one of you is the champion of our contest: 

Congrats to Jeff Moe's short shorts, who finished with 1480 points in this year's contest. He edged out The Failure of Big Drinky, who finished second with 1470 points. Both brackets had identical title games, Final Fours, Elite 8s, and Sweet 16s. In fact, the difference proved to be just one game in the opening round -- Jeff Moe's short shorts correctly picked Rhode Island to beat Creighton, while The Failure of Big Drinky had the Bluejays advancing instead.  Those opening round games may only be worth 10 points, but they can end up mattering in the end. 

If Gonzaga had won last night, GIA's own Matt Lundeen would have been the champion, as his TitoHawk 1 entry would have just edged out Give Eddie a Beer (who also picked Gonzaga) for top honors.  

Congratulations to Jeff Moe's short shorts for being the best prognosticator of all of us this year (email me at ross-at-goiowaawesome-dot-com for info on claiming your prize). And thanks to everyone who participated this year. Full results available here

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