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Welcome to the first edition of SPREAD AWARENESS, where I, the new GIA Gambling Expert, help you pay for your children’s college tuition by giving you guaranteed WINNERS*.

Welcome to the first edition of SPREAD AWARENESS, where I, the new GIA gambling expert, help you pay for your children’s college tuition by giving you guaranteed WINNERS*.

You are probably wondering, “Who is this guy that wants to tell ME how to gamble MY money???” Well, I am the brains behind the greatest MACtion, Big Ten, and Color Rush Newsletter in the world and I am now giving my picks EXCLUSIVELY to GIA readers. Sure, for the last two years we have been focused on football, but we have dabbled in other sports. I once picked three guaranteed winners for the 2018 Masters and they all missed the cut. I had all three of my Kentucky Derby picks finish at the back of the pack last year. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, I almost correctly picked EVERY winner in the figure skating competitions. If I can do that, how hard can betting on college basketball be?

Now that I have earned your trust, let’s get into this week’s game.


IOWA (17-5) at INDIANA (13-9)

  • Line: INDIANA -1
  • O/U: 148.5
  • WHEN: 8:00 CST

After forgetting how to play shootyhoops for a couple games Iowa found its rhythm against Michigan and dominated the 5th ranked team in the country. Several people have described it as the greatest performance in the history of college basketball. This huge bounce back after a few rough games brings up a very interesting question, is Iowa officially back?

Not to be outdone, Indiana, losers of seven in a row, including losses to Northwestern, Maryland, Rutgers, and Nebraska, went on the road and knocked off the 6th ranked Michigan State Spartans in OT...Could Indiana also be back?

That’s right folks, we have got ourselves a good old fashioned WHO’S BACK-off.


  • Iowa ATS (season): 11-11
  • Iowa ATS (away): 2-3
  • Indiana ATS (season): 9-13
  • Indiana ATS (home): 4-7

This is where I hit you with some FUN FACTS, like this one: Since 2015, Iowa is 12-24-1 ATS on the road. That is pretty bad! So bad in fact that it is the worst record in the entire Big Ten over that span. Indiana, on the other hand, is 38-24 ATS at home since 2015, which is the 2nd best record ATS in all of college basketball, trailing only Michigan State.


History appears to be against Iowa, Indiana is finally (mostly) healthy and looked like the team that started the season 12-2, not the team that lost seven games in a row. Add those things with the fact that Iowa has trailed by no less than 30 points in every single road game it has ever played (don’t fact check that) and well, just don’t get your hopes up.

While it hurts me to have to do this in my first ever pick on the GIA site, the smart move here is to take Indiana. To make myself feel better, I will also be taking the over at 148.5. I would love to start my relationship with the GIA readers on the right foot, so take Indiana, take the over, and take your significant other out on a date this weekend with all of the money you win.

*Winners are not guaranteed. Do not gamble, it is bad and GIA is not responsible for any lost money or large men showing up at your doorstep in the middle of the night with baseball bats demanding to be paid.

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