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March Madness is upon us, although so far this year all March has brought Iowa fans is sadness. With the tournament starting we are going to do something a little different this week and we are going to give you winners for every game involving a Big Ten team on Thursday and Friday. We hope you like free money!

Thursday Games

Minnesota (10) vs Louisville (7) @ 11:15 AM (CBS)

  • Line: LOU -5    Over/Under: 136

Richard Pitino vs his dad's old team. This is a wonderful job by the selection committee, I wonder if Rick Pitino will be sitting on the Minnesota sideline in Gopher gear. I like the thought of Little Richard Pitino getting some vengeance for his dad here, go Gophers.

  • PICK: Minnesota +5

Michigan State (2) vs Bradley (15) 1:45 PM (CBS)

  • Line: MSU -18.5   Over/Under: 133.5

Thank the lord Bradley knocked off Loyola Chicago to get into the NCAA Tournament. I think I would have lost my mind if I had to spend another March hearing about Sister Jean. No offense to her, but like, go away. I am here to gamble and lose my money, not learn about a lady who has spent her entire life being a good person and dedicating herself to God. We are taking Bradley +18.5 and expecting a buzzer beater that takes the MSU lead from 21 to 18.

  • Pick: Bradley +18.5, OVER 133.5

Maryland (6) vs Belmont @ 2:10 PM (TRU)

  • Line: UMD -3    Over/Under: 147

Maryland somehow got a 6 seed after they lost to Nebraska in the Big Ten Tournament. Nebraska had 7 guys and started a walk-on senior who had played maybe five minutes total in his career. Maryland is not going to win. Belmont will give us the first “upset” of the tournament.

  • Pick: Belmont +3

Michigan (2) vs Montana (15) @ 8:20 PM (TNT)

  • Line: Michigan -16   Over/Under: 131.5

I am still having nightmares over what Michigan did to Iowa and I feel Montana will suffer the same fate. Yes, these teams played last year in the tournament, Montana scored the first 10 points of the game and everyone started screaming “OMG UPSET YAY.” Then Michigan played like Michigan and won by 14. I am guessing Michigan won’t give Montana a 10-point head start this year and should cruise in this one.

  • Pick: MICHIGAN -16

Purdue (3) vs Old Dominion (14) @ 8:50 PM (TBS)

  • Line: Purdue -13   Over/Under: 129

Based on the video above, it would appear that Old Dominion does not have the size or the athleticism to compete with Purdue. On the other hand, over 18 million views on Youtube shows that they have a giant following and should have a lot of fans in attendance, so maybe they will keep it close. We are going to play it safe with our pick here and avoid the spread.

  • Pick: OVER 129


IOWA (10) vs Cincinnati (7) @ 11:15 AM (CBS)

  • Line: CIN -3.5   Over/Under: 137.5

Well, Iowa has a basketball game Friday against the Cincinnati Bearcats. If you want the quick rundown of the Bearcats, check it out here. I will just say this: Iowa’s loss to Michigan destroyed me. Ripped my heart right out of my chest for like the 3rd time this year. It is going to be a while before we recover and are able to pick the Hawks to cover again.

  • Pick: CINCY -3.5, UNDER 137.5

Wisconsin (5) vs Oregon (12) @ 3:30 PM (TBS)

  • Line: WIS -1   Over/Under: 118.5

After hours and hours of researching the bracket, one thing is very clear: No one believes Wisconsin can win this game. 70% of the bets being made on this game are people taking Oregon +1. Those people are dumb. Why are they dumb? Because THE PAC 12 STINKS and probably should have gotten zero teams into the NCAA tournament. Don’t be a dumb person, take Wisconsin.

  • Pick: Wisconsin -1

Ohio State (11) vs Iowa State (6) @ 8:50 PM (TBS)

  • Line: ISU -5.5 O/U: 140.5

Both of these teams stunk down the stretch; Iowa State was 4-6 in their final 10 games but caught fire in the Big 12 Tournament,where they won three games in a row, and took home the Big 12 title. Ohio State was just as bad down the stretch, losing their last three regular season games by a combined 69 points (nice). The mysterious Kaleb Wesson suspension is over, but I don't think he is enough to save them in this game.

  • Pick: Iowa State -5.5, OVER 140.5

Agree or disagree with the picks? Want to fight me because you are a big fan of Sister Jean? Comment below.

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