Michigan Wearing All-Maize Uniforms This Weekend Because Reasons

By RossWB on August 28, 2017 at 3:30 pm
Like Old Yeller, these uniforms should be taken out back and shot.
Nike / Michigan Athletics

Every now and then, as discussion of Iowa wearing alternate uniforms comes up, there's talk about Iowa wearing all-gold uniforms. My initial reaction to that is always "no;" my reasoned, thoughtful reaction to that is always "hell no." While all-gold basketball uniforms can look quite sharp, all-gold (yellow) football uniforms just... don't. 

So I would like to thank Michigan for providing the latest example to support my stance. Big Blue (er...) will be sporting all-yellow (sorry, "all-maize") uniforms this weekend for their season opener against Florida. The Gators, for their part, will be wearing all-blue uniforms, giving this game a "Color Rush" feel -- because everyone loved that gimmick in the NFL the last few years... 

Here are a few more looks at Michigan's all-yellow getup: 

Of course, we're still waiting to see what Iowa's own alternate uniforms will look like this fall; fingers crossed Iowa won't be joining Michigan in banana-hued insanity. 

Source: @UMichFootball

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