Good God, These High School Photos of Big Ten Coaches Are a Treasure

By RossWB on July 25, 2018 at 4:19 pm
oh snap



It turns out Kirk Ferentz's marvelous mullet wasn't the only old high school picture featuring a current Big Ten coach that BTN researchers were able to uncover -- and while there's nothing quite as jaw-dropping as Ferentz's mullet in their finds for other coaches, they're still worth taking a gander at. 

Let's start with the best one, Lovie Smith. 

That's right: Lovie had an afro. And not just any afro -- an absolutely magnificent afro. Well played, Lovie. 

Next up: Mark Dantonio. 

It's both terrifying and sort of reassuring to know that Mark Dantonio has always looked uncomfortably intense. He definitely knows where some bodies are buried (because he put them there). 

Next: Scott Frost. 

I don't think Frost could look more mid-90s midwestern white guy in that picture if he tried. 

Next: Paul Chryst. 

I'm a little uncomfortable at how much young Paul Chryst looks like young Kyle MacLachlan. Although Paul Chryst would definitely think Twin Peaks was too weird and turn it off after, like, 15 minutes.  

Next: D.J. Durkin. 

It turns out Durkin was a Large Adult Son years (decades?) before we even had that specific term. He was also weirdly... block-shaped... in high school. 

Next: James Franklin

Respect to Franklin for rocking the box fade for as long as he did. 

Next: Jeff Brohm

Our Most Hated... Bowtie? Brohm is definitely ready to rock the late '80s. 

Next: Pat Fitzgerald

Honestly, I can't roast him any better than Nate Hall, his own player, does in this clip. 

"Well, his head is still the same size -- extremely large... Looks like he waxed his unibrow. And he's #81. Coach, you couldn't catch the ball... you're not fast... so why're you wearing #81?"

Please don't make me like a Northwestern player, Mr. Hall. 

Next: Jim Harbaugh

One of life's great mysteries: how'd the cool-looking surfer bro in those pics turn into this dude?

Finally: P.J. Fleck 

Fleck definitely played bass in a Creed cover band at some point in high school. 

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