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By RossWB on December 12, 2018 at 10:46 pm
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Go Pick Em Awesome. Another regular season is in the books, so let's check in on the best of the best at picking games against the spread in the Go Iowa Awesome Pick 'Em contest over at FunOfficePools. Here's your top 10: 

1 juice 138-97
2 IowaHawkGuy 136-99
3 BillikenMafia 134-101
4 THEmattschoon 132-103
5 BigDrinky 133-104
5 CoachCrewser 133-104
7 hawkguy 129-106
7 everloyal 129-106
9 vetter2k 128-107
10 Laynesheetz 127-108

The full standings are available here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the pick em contest this season and congratulations to the few, the proud, and the wise against the spread. Particular congratulations to juice, the grand champion of the regular season contest. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we'll get you hooked up with a GIA shirt to celebrate your success. 

But the end of the regular season doesn't mean that pick 'em season is over. No sir, because we've got BOWL SZN to dive into now, friends. And we've got two bowl pick 'em contests for you to enter to display your picking prowess. 

The first game is again at FunOfficePools. Join here or via this link. (I also invited people who were in the Bowl Pick Em last year and the regular season Pick Em this year via email, so you may want to check your email for an invite.) 

GROUP: Go Iowa Awesome Bowl Pick Em 2018
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

Like our regular season game at FOP, this game involves picking against the spread, so keep that in mind as you make your picks. You're not picking a winner in Houston-Army, you're picking whether Army will win by more than 4 points or if Houston will win (or lose by less than 4 points). Each game is worth one point. Picks lock at kickoff for each game, but you can tweak your picks up until kickoff. In other words, even after the bowls start this weekend, you'll still be able to adjust your picks for bowls later in the schedule. The winner is whoever has the most correct picks against the spread at the end of bowl season. 

The other game is over at ESPN. Join here. (If you were in the Bowl Mania game at ESPN last year, you should be able to join this group by clicking to rejoin when you make your entry for this year.) 

GROUP: GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEm
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

This contest does NOT involve picking against the spread. You're just picking winners or losers straight up. But it DOES involve the use of confidence points, 1-40. So you'll need to pick a winner for each game and assign a confidence point value. 1 is no confidence at all, while 40 is max confidence. So if you think Ohio State is going to trounce Washington in the Rose Bowl, put a lot of confidence points on them. If you have no clue who's going to win between San Diego State and Ohio in the DXL Frisco Bowl, you're probably not going to want to put too many points on that one. The winner here is whoever has the most confidence points at the end of bowl season (which may or may not be the person with the most correct overall picks). As with the other bowl pick em game, each game locks at kickoff. 

Get your picks on, folks. There's pride (and probably a prize or two) on the line here. 

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