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By RossWB on August 26, 2019 at 4:45 pm
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Welcome to the 2019 college football season. Florida-Miami and Arizona-Hawaii provided an appetizer to the season last Saturday, but the season really gets underway this week, with a handful of games on Thursday and Friday, before a bonanza of games on Saturday. A new season of college football action means a new season of GIA College Football Pick 'Em action as well. 

Once again, we're going through to host the game. If you've participated in a previous GIA Football (or Bowl) Pick 'Em contest, you should have received an email from FunOfficePools inviting you to join this year's game. (Apologies if you received multiple emails; I promise not to spam your inbox during the season.) You can just click through the instructions in that email and join this year's group.

But you're welcome to join up this year if you haven't participated in a previous GIA Football Pick 'Em contest as well. You can sign up by clicking here.  If you need it, the group information is: 

GROUP: 2019 Go Iowa Awesome Football Pick Em
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

A few notes about this year's game: 

  • We pick all Big Ten games each week, as well as a selection of other games from around the nation. I'm going to aim for an average of 18-20 games per week. 
  • Each correct pick is worth one point. 
  • Game picks are against the spread, so keep that in mind when making your selections. For instance, Iowa is listed as -21.5 against Miami (OH) this week. That means they're a 21.5 point favorite in the game. If you think Iowa will beat Miami (OH) by 22 or more points, select them in the Pick Em contest. If you think Iowa will beat Miami (OH) by less than 22 points (or you think Miami (OH) will beat Iowa straight-up), then you should select Miami (OH) in the Pick Em contest. Got it? 
  • The prize for this year's winner is TBD, but will likely involve something from the Go Buyowa Awesome store. 


NOTE: This is a weird week, given the spread out schedule. We are picking TWO games on Thursday (Minnesota-South Dakota State, BYU-Utah) and FIVE games on Friday (Michigan State-Tulsa, South Florida-Wisconsin, Rutgers-UMass, Nevada-Purdue, and Colorado-Colorado State). So makes sure to get your picks in early this week. There won't be many (or any) games from Thursday or Friday in our Pick Em contest most weeks. 

Questions? Let me know in the comments. 

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