Go Iowa Awesome Pick Em Week 4 Standings

By RossWB on September 27, 2019 at 8:19 am
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Four weeks down, so how are things looking in the Go Iowa Awesome Pick 'Em game? We have a clear leader (CubsfanMR92 at 43-29), but there are several entries nipping at his heels, including four folks at 41-31 (BeefTaco, 11/16/02, IreFay ArtaBay, and GPoints). 

We had a logjam at the top in Week 4, with six entries at 12-4 (BeefTaco, nmirr94, Sean Considines Bromance, Nachoz, Ghost of Frank Duong, Abdul the Butcher). Kudos to all of you. That followed on a five-way tie at the top in Week 3, at 12-6 (BigDrinky, MichaelSG93, Levi's, GPoints, and Creighton M), 

The full top 10 and ties for the overall standings are below: 

GIA pick em standings week 4

The full standings are available here

Week 5 matchups are set as well, so get your picks in for this week. NOTE: We do have two Friday night games this week!

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