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in space no one can hear you fail to cover
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6-6 last week, you know what that means?????

Time to get above .500 again!

Indiana -27.5 vs Rutgers (11:00 AM CST, BTN)

I wrote a whole paragraph about how everyone involved with Rutgers football should just retire and go enjoy their weekends with nothing to do. Then their quarterback actually retired and I felt kind of bad. Poor Rutgers.

Maryland -3.5 @ Purdue (11:00 AM CST, BTN)

This week Purdue banned students and faculty from betting on Purdue sporting events.

Honestly, if you are regularly betting on Purdue sports you should be kicked out of school for being dumb anyway so I have no issues with this.

Michigan State +10 @ #8 Wisconsin (2:30 CST, BTN)

I WANT TO TAKE THE UNDER IN THIS GAME SO BAD BUT I ALREADY DECLARED #MSUnders DEAD AND THAT CAN’T BE UNDONE. THEREFORE WE ARE TAKING WISCONSIN -10 (and probably the under but that will be a last-second bet that I end up regretting 5 minutes into the game.)

#10 Penn State -3.5 @ #17 Iowa (6:30 CST, ABC)

Has anyone made a “MICHIGAN JUST GOT ANOTHER SACK” joke yet? Because they just got one while I was writing this LOL! In my expert opinion, if Iowa does not figure out how to stop the defense from running directly through the offensive line they will have issues scoring points going forward. I know this sounds crazy, but you need to trust me on this one. Penn State is coming off of a game in which they had 10 sacks, so uhhh….shit.

I have some good news for you all though, we are busting out the COLOR RUSH jerseys this week, there is advantage #1. Advantage #2 for Iowa comes from this little FUN FACT: James Franklin is 0-6 on the road against ranked teams while at Penn State. Wow, Iowa is ranked so no way they can lose!

 Now, here is a not so FUN FACT of the week: Penn State has won the last five games in this series. This is the type of predicament I found myself in last week against Michigan and I made a terrible mistake. SO, for the first time all season, we are picking AGAINST Iowa. I am sorry.

Nebraska +7.5 @ Minnesota (6:30 CST, FS1)

It’s looking like this might be a snow game, which is my favorite type of football. This is also a primetime game, so if everyone would please stand, place your hand on their heart, and repeat after me as loudly as possible: I SWEAR TO NOT BET ON NEBRASKA IN A PRIMETIME GAME.


Ohio -6.5 vs Northern Illinois: After losing to NIU seven times in a row, the Fighting Franks of Ohio have won the last three games in the series, and will make it four this weekend when their Canadian QB Nathan Rourke runs wild.

Eastern Michigan +1 vs Ball State: After getting obliterated by their rival last week, I fully expect EMU to bounce back and beat a terrible Ball State team.


#11 Texas +11 vs #6 Oklahoma: Texas loses, but they cover so does that mean they are kind of back?

#1 Alabama -17 @ #24 Texas A&M: It took Texas A&M a miracle to cover a similar spread against a Clemson team that is working through some things, Alabama shouldn’t have any issues here.

#9 Notre Dame vs USC: 66% of the money bet on this game is on the OVER at 59.5. 66% of people betting on this game are stupid. MAX BET UNDER 59.5.

#7 Florida +13 @ #5 LSU: 13 is a lot of points. Florida’s defense is good enough to keep this thing close.


YTD RECORD: 30-33-2

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