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A lot of people enjoyed my uncle from Minnesota’s picks a few weeks ago so I thought I would give it another shot this week. Unfortunate, Uncle Jim is on a moose hunt in Saskatoon so I had to do some searching. Luckily (or unluckily), as someone who has lived in Lincoln their entire life, I know WAY too many Nebraska fans. After talking with a few of them, I finally found one that was willing to join Spread Awareness for the week and give us his thoughts on the games. Everyone, please be nice and welcome my neighbor Rimington Osborne Devaney (ROD) II. Yes, he is the second person in his family with a first name that combines Husker players/coach's names, Nebraska is a weird state. Anyways, I let Rod pick the song this week, so enjoy while we pick some #WINNERS.


**As stated last week, we are #DONE picking Rutgers and Michigan State games.

#17 Iowa -5.5 @ Nebraska (FRIDAY, 1:30 PM CST, FOX)

SA TAKE: Iowa -5.5

Since 2015, Iowa is 11-3 ATS when they are a road favorite. In that same time frame, Nebraska is 2-7 ATS as a home underdog, and have lost those games by an average by 20 points. What does that have to do with this week? Not much, I just wanted to point out how awful Nebraska is at football even when they are playing in front of that sellout crowd.

The weather for the game looks absolutely fabulous. 35ish degrees with freezing rain and 20 mph winds. This is Big Ten football weather, something Scott Frost and his band of hoodie-wearing, unathletic millennial losers are not prepared for. Iowa wins this game for the FIFTH year in a row, probably by 20.


Nebraska as a 5.5 point underdog? SO MUCH DISRESPECT! Did people not see what we did to Maryland last week??? And are people forgetting we were beating Wisconsin for almost an entire quarter??? Sure we lost, but you can bet that Wisconsin won’t want to play us again next year! Everyone is running scared now that this team has come together as one. And like Iowa…uhhh how do they even focus on football when Nebraska is living in their heads rent-free all the time? What have they ever won? Not as many national titles as us! But guess what, they will just talk about their recent win streak because all they do is live in the past. Pathetic. GUESS WHAT IOWA, YOU ARE JUST LUCKY THAT THE BEST YEARS IN YOUR PROGRAM'S HISTORY HAPPENED TO MATCH UP WITH OUR WORST. YOU WILL NEVER BEAT US AGAIN NOW THAT FROST HAS THINGS ROLLING! STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS RIVALRY HAPPEN, UGH IT’S ALL YOU EVER TALK ABOUT AND WE DON’T CARE!

#2 Ohio State -8.5 @ #13 Michigan (11:00 AM CST, FOX)

SA Take: Ohio State -8.5

Michigan has not beaten Ohio State since 2011…yeesh! I have spent the last few weeks watching Michigan very closely thinking that they could maybe upset Ohio State in this game and they have looked very good. They have won each of their last 4 games by at least 24 points, and throttled Indiana in a game that many (actually, maybe just me) thought would be close. Yep, they could do this. The Khaki Pants cover here and maybe ruin Ohio State’s season?? Just kidding, Michigan winning is absolutely not happening, no matter how good they have looked.

ROD’S Take: 1995 HUSKERS -28

People are saying this Ohio State team is the greatest ever, HAHAHA. You think these guys would stand a chance against the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers and our option attack? NO WAY! The Blackshirts would turn Justin Fields into JUSTIN YIELDS! The PIPELINE would clear out Chase Young with EASE on our way to 700 rushing yards.

Northwestern +10.5 @ Illinois (11:00 AM CST, FS1)

SA TAKE: Illinois -10.5
Is this a rivalry? Does anyone care? Remember last year when Northwestern was good? Does Lovie Smith have the best facial hair in all of college football? What is the meaning of life?

These are the questions I asked myself while looking for the line in this game.

ROD'S TAKE: Illinois -10.5

Aww, Northwestern and Illinois, both teams that were not prepared for the FROST WARNING this year. Sucks for them, they couldn’t even beat us when we still had Mike Riley’s players, what’s going to happen once Scott gets his superstar athletes on the field??? Sorry LOSERS, YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE!

Indiana -6.5 @ Purdue (11:00 AM CST, ESPN2)

SA TAKE: Indiana -6.5

Time for Purdue to pack it in and try again next year.

ROD'S TAKE: Purdue +6.5

Yeah, sure we lost to both of these teams, but only by a COMBINED 11 points. One break and we beat them both! But that’s Nebraska football for you, always getting bad breaks, we are the unluckiest team in the country!!

#12 Wisconsin -2.5 @ #10 Minnesota (2:30 PM CST, ABC)

SA Take: Wisconsin -2.5

Can they both lose? I guess I will go with Wisconsin because I would like to see Jonathon Taylor try to run against Ohio State.

ROD’S TAKE: Wisconsin -2.5

Yeah, I know we lost to both of these teams but honestly, you all just need to STOP living in the past. Like, who cares what happened between the year 2000 and now? Not me. Only teams with no future care about that. Hope whoever wins enjoys their last trip to Indy because after this the only team from our division that will be making the championship game is the BIG RED.


CIVIL WAR: Oregon State +19.5 @ #14 OREGON: The ducks did not fly together last week. The Civil War might be a giant letdown for Oregon, go Beavs.

BEDLAM: #21 Oklahoma State +12.5 vs #7 Oklahoma: Since losing to K-State, Oklahoma has refused to blow teams out. Oklahoma State will keep this close, even with their backup QB starting.

IRON BOWL: #5 Alabama -4.5 @ #15 Auburn: Nick Saban said Auburn is probably the best team they have played all season LOL.

#19 Cincinnati +10.5 vs #18 Memphis: I have zero reasons for making this pick.

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