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Week Three of Spread Awareness has arrived and the only thing higher than my hopes for these picks is my current temperature! Yes, that is correct, I have a fever and am 99% sure I need to have a root canal, but I am here anyway, writing this article so that you, my loyal, loving readers can win some money this week. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Last weekend was full of ups and downs, eventually ending with a 4-4 record. It’s not losing, but it’s also not winning. We need to get things turned around quickly before the Big Ten returns next week or this could turn into a disaster and no one wants that. It hadn’t really hit me that we were almost back to playing football until I saw tweets this morning showing snow in Minnesota.

I have almost made it to my happy place, ONE. MORE. WEEK. But first, I have pulled a few #WINNERS from the garbage basket that is this Saturday’s schedule.


#13 Miami -14 vs Pittsburgh (11:00 AM CST, ACC Network)

Just when we all thought The U was officially #BACK they go and lose to Clemson by 25. Luckily, Spread Awareness saw this collapse coming from miles away and took Clemson last week. YOU ARE WELCOME. Pittsburgh has lost its last two games by a combined two points, but I don’t think this one will be particularly close. Miami bounces back, GUARANTEED.


Kansas +22.5 @ West Virginia (11:00 AM CST, FOX)

The Big 12 has decided that they are going to give everyone in the conference the week off except for Kansas and West Virginia, I bet the folks at FOX were super pumped about that. Actually, Oklahoma State and Baylor were supposed to play but it’s 2020 and we can’t have nice things.

Kansas has had two weeks to prepare for this game. The Mad Hatter has probably been eating grass and cooking up trick plays nonstop in preparation for this one. Sure, they lost to Oklahoma State by 40, but things can only get better from there, right????

PICK: West Virginia -22.5

Memphis +3 vs UCF (2:30 PM CST, ABC)

I have not watched either of these teams this year, but I am pretty sure whenever they play the final score is always something like 65-55. The total for this one is set at 73.5, which seems like they are just trying to trick me into taking the over when both of these teams may actually be bad. Well, guess what, I am absolutely NOT going to NOT fall for it.

PICK: OVER 73.5, Memphis +3

#11 Texas A&M -4.5 @ Mississippi State (3:00 PM CST, ESPN)

Mississippi State scored 2 (!) points against Kentucky last week while Texas A&M is coming off a win against Florida. I am sure you are staring at your computer right now asking “MR. SPREAD AWARENESS, WHY ISN’T TEXAS A&M A BIGGER FAVORITE?” Well, because this is what we in the business like to call a Letdown Game. A&M is coming off of back-to-back games against Alabama and Florida, do you think they care at all about this game? Probably not. The good news is that Mike Leach has no idea what he is doing at Mississippi State and A&M should roll anyway.

PICK: Texas A&M -4.5


Boston College -12 @ #23 Virginia Tech (7:00 PM CST, ACC Network)

Listen, the games aren’t great this week, okay?? Not my fault. Boston College isn’t the prettiest team in the world, but they aren’t horrible either. Their only loss so far is to North Carolina, and that was only by four points.  Virginia Tech lost to North Carolina by 11 points…HMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick: Boston College +12


#2 Alabama -4.5 vs #3 Georgia (7:00 PM CST, ABC)

Well, there aren’t many great games this week, but we have this. Cherish it, hold onto it, never let it go.

Alabama will be without their fearless leader Nick Saban for the game after he tested positive for COVID-19, which was shocking because I did not think robots could catch viruses. Technology, man.

The Tide ran up and down the field last week against Ole Miss, finishing the game with an insane 790 total yards. They also gave up 669 yards on defense which seems like it could be an issue but what do I know? On the other side of things, Georgia comes in with maybe the best defense in the country and an offense that is run by a QB who is most likely only playing because his parents gave a large donation to theu niversity. Sorry, Stetson Bennett XXVIII, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Even with Nick Saban watching from his basement like the rest of us, the old saying still rings true: YOU DON'T WIN MONEY BETTING AGAINST ALABAMA.



YTD Record: 9-6 I ATS: 7-4 I O/U: 2-2

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