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It was 2:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, October 28, 2017, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the Big House.

And Michigan football was dragging ass.

I'm not talking about their typical style, either. This wasn't "blowing a game late," "square peg in round hole offense," or even "old school arrogance with no payoff whatsoever." This felt different, even for them.

QB2 John O'Korn, now the regular starter due to Wilton Speight's injury earlier in the year, was struggling. Now, O'Korn seems like a really good dude and is 10x the athlete most of us will ever be... but it flat out looked like sabotage. A pick, two fumbled snaps, throwing low to 6'6'' guys being covered by 5'10'' DBs. It was all there. It almost reminded me of the Rex Grossman Chicago Bears before actually starting to feel like the Jonathan Quinn/Craig Krenzel outfit.

It was at that point my buddy Ricky texted something that'll probably stick with me longer than it should: "Anytime you gotta compare a quarterback to two different '04 Bears QBs, you know you're in terrible, horrible hands."

Michigan was stuck. The crowd was lifeless. Stupid Harbaugh just wouldn't make the change. But why?! This wasn't some unrealistic expectations thing. The bar was the ground. There was no standard to meet. Make the change, Jim. MAKE THE CHANGE WHY AREN'T YOU MAKING THE CHANGE.

But then, fate seized the reigns, and he did make the change. Why did that sentence rhyme.

Enter: QB3, Brandon Peters. Now, I don't know a ton about this dude other than some basics:

- From Indiana
- Redshirt freshman
- 4-star recruit, pocket passer
- First guy to play QB at Michigan who Harbaugh actually recruited
- Wears No. 18... oh god, it's in honor of Pey Pey, isn't it?

Really, that's about it. But when that young man took the field, he might has well have been a Wet Republic in the middle of the Sahara. I shot up off my couch and watched him do things that Nate Stanley has already done a million times in his short career. Peters felt out the pocket, completed some intermediate throws, even hit a guy on a roll out right past the sticks.

It wasn't next stratosphere stuff. But man, it felt like he was reinventing the wheel. The crowd went from library to frenzy. If you had no context of the situation, you would have thought these people were rooting on a game-winning fourth quarter drive. But the home team was up 14-7 in the second quarter -- that's all.

Did I... mention this was all against Rutgers? Yeah, shut up.

At some point late into Q2, homie found the end zone. His wheel route throw was probably an A-, but I'll remember it as an A+++++++++.

As MGoBlog's Ace Anbender put it, "Nitpickers will note it was a little short. Most Michigan fans, however, saw the skies part and heard angels sing."

Yeah, so that's where we are at with this.

Though I typically make it a goal to not link any local Michigan newspapers in this space, Nick Baumgardner summed it up well:

Peters entered the game and, suddenly, this looked like an offense again. Not because he was re-writing the book on how to play quarterback, but because he was delivering timely throws to open targets and forcing the defense to play honest. Michigan, no longer forced to play with one hand tied behind its back, then let its offensive line churn.

After this went down, Michigan spent the bulk of the day running the ball and blocking and playing sound football... pretty boring/borderline horrible, but Peters' potential allowed them to do that. And that is the name of the game here: potential. That's why having a young QB leading your team is so god damned great. I mean, shit, this is basically a lost season: Michigan got edged by MSU, pwn'd by PSU, and will lose to Ohio State by 31-47 points. But tomorrow always, always presents another day. So watching Brandon Peters play football reminds me of the Notorious B.I.G.'s eternal lyric:

"All I see is the future"

In conclusion... did the thing where I prematurely changed my phone background because the aftermath of the moment had me buzzing, and I'm a horrible person.

Brandon Peters

I am sorry, Brandon Peters.

The Hybrid

"Reality gives nothing back and nor should you."


? no



Central Michigan at Western Michigan: Well, except former banana boy "Sugar" Shane Morris being a banana boy elsewhere:



Friday Night Lights

Penn State (7) at Michigan State (24): Ben?

Haha. Let's jam.

Man, did they ever blow it last week.

* * *

Speaking of blown games... did we not give enough 'loss blame' for MSU having to drive to the game last week?

What's that? You don't care at all? Oh.

Well, at least these bros made it:

Speaking of bros... two of you are still alive in the MSU over/under, which I'm too lazy to paste and format this week.

Wisconsin (9) at Indiana: ...

Eh. Meh.

The good news is I met a Sconnie fan at Halloween party in Chicago last weekend, and he spent a decent chunk of time explaining how bad their schedule was, how overrated they are, and how they're gonna get exposed in the Big Ten title game. His disdain nearly matched mine when it came to my teams; pretty glorious.

Florida at Missouri: James McElwain? HE GONE.

(That happened a lot.)

Historically, I never really had a problem with the dude. Colorado State was cool, he seemed to bring a professionalism to the head coach position, and he definitely found niche success at Florida (winning the division, never winning the conference).

But then his offense sucked. Then he yelled at a guy.

Then the shark incident happened. In a weird way, it marked the beginning of the end. He took it too seriously, the offense stopped moving even more, and they lost to the banana boys, for Pete's sake. Wasn't meant to be.

Goodnight, sweet prince. And time for Florida fans to do some soul searching.

Baylor at Kansas: Don't worry, Kansas -- we are not here to make fun of you.

Pretty good -- we should do that more.

Illinois at Purdue: 


Through the ups and downs... Never Quit

A post shared by Mikey Dudek (@dudek_7) on

What downs?! Are you hurt?! Are you alive?! What is happening?!?!?!?

South Carolina at Georgia (1): Wait, Georgia got No. 1 in the CFP rankings? Pretty cool!

Less cool?

Wake Forest at Notre Dame (3): Notre Dame did some undeniably bad ass stuff last week...

/runs away from all ND wide receivers

Don't worry, the fans are still weirdos.

/eyes widen


Montana Tech: Not sure if y'all thought the Montana Tech stuff from last week was jest, but it really wasn't. The coach who initially reached out sent me a link to the game stream, and I checked it out.

The problem is I forgot college football doesn't even let your bandwagon/fun/handpicked squads succeed.

/leaves Montana Tech in shame

Clemson (4) at NC State (20): Nothin' from Clemson Tom this week, so let's take a moment to admire how right all of us were about Deshaun Watson's NFL career.

Ohio State (6) at Iowa: We clown on Ohio State a lot (because they're hell incarnate), but there isn't much you can say other than "holy fuck" after what J.T. Barrett did in crunch time vs. Penn State. The dirty little secret about hating the Pizza Buckeyes is how undeniably likable so many of their signal callers have been: Cardale, Braxton, Pryor (sometimes), Troy Smith, the immortal Kenny Guiton... pretty much everyone except Joe Bauserman and Krenzel*. Last week, Barrett was like a football version of Steph Curry, flames and all. I'm not sure there's a player in college football -- outside of Baker Mayfield... and Lamar -- whose peak can touch that.

I know the easy answer is Saquon, but you typically can't have such a consistent, drive-to-drive impact from the RB position. I'm honestly going to miss this dude once it's said and done.

/fire hoses the filth off


Hey, Iowa hasn't been so bad lately. We tailgated a bus shelter...

Broke a mascot's spirit...


Got -- /gasp -- pretty cool alternates?!

This is not my school. Is this my school? This is not my school.

Lastly, a Drew Tate party anecdote to remind us how great '04 was.

(* - cannot believe that nerd got two mentions today)

Iowa State (15) at West Virginia: CLOOOOOOOOOOOOONES. Hell yeah. How did this happen? What is going on? How did we beat them earlier this year? How?!


You don't want 'Bama.

* * *

My buddy Ryan sent this, and it killed me.


Stanford (21) at Washington State (25): Last week, I still had light hopes of Wazzu making the Playoff. This week, I'm dubious they can wrestle away the Chocolate Milk Title Belt from David fuggin' Shaw. Times change quickly, man.

The Cardinal (/vomit), you ask? They... eeked out a 15-14 dub against Oregon State last week, winning on a god damn fade route.

David Shaw was put on earth to troll us all.

Maryland at Rutgers: Terps making a massive push to be the new banana boys.

It's the helmet that really seals the deal.

Northwestern at Nebraska: /David Shaw sneaks into this section to steal the tweet for himself

Oklahoma (5) at Oklahoma State (11): BEDLAM.

Is the mullet ready?

Seems ready. Man, that thing, even when you expect it, finds a way to surprise.

Baker might be ready to switch sides...

...or maybe it was just a Halloween thing.

Coastal Carolina at Arkansas: Dude... it might be time to go.

It... really might be time to go.

UCF (18) at SMU: Glad we were able to hop aboard the UCF bandwagon just in time for USF to crash out.

Minnesota at Michigan: Minnesota was a buncha punts last week.

/ignores all tigerhawk logos in picture

But then they waved and won me right back.

Seriously, I love the wave. I love this as a tradition. It's so simple. Between that, the logo at midfield, and these alternates... it's like Iowa is pitching a no hitter with PR moves this year.

/realizes I'm probably forgetting some horrible scandal that happened

Let's move onto the banana boys.

DL mega killer Mo Hurst had this to say on Twitter...

...and was immediately called out by his teammate:

Chemistry, my friend.

LSU (19) at Alabama (2): Rolllllllllll tide.

Remember when this game used to mean something? No seriously, it was like the one time every season you could convince yourself the Tide might get got. Ole Miss sorta took that torch for a while, but now they're long dead, and no one really replaced 'em. For shame.

Virginia Tech (13) at Miami (FL) (10): My buddy/Miami of Ohio album Z.W. Martin yelled at me about his alma mater being the 'first' Miami, so I was very quickly guilted into adding the (FL) back to The U. Sorry, cooler Miami.

The cheer up? My friend Paige reminded me the other day of the time this happened:

Seriously maybe my favorite college football play in existence.

Also, were we all aware of the turnover chain?

I was not and want to know everything. Does someone wear it to start the game? Who bought it? Is it real bling? Do the coaches take it back after the game?

lol, "is it real bling?"

Colorado at Arizona State: 

San Diego State at San Jose State: 

Arizona (22) at USC (17): Southern Cal took the "turning football into basketball" torch from Penn State real quick.

Wrapping It Up...

Gonna see the boys tonight...

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