By Bobby Loesch on October 25, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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The Hybrid is a weekly Big Ten football preview, plus relevant or whimsy games from the national slate

This is a preview column, but this is not a preview intro.

Because we need to talk about last Saturday, when college football nirvana happened.

After some too cold then super tolerable* tailgating in the dental lot, I watched Iowa blank Maryland. The game was not spectacular, but you know what was?

/drooly drool drool

(* - shouts out to hand warmers and the sun herself)

We also participated in the wave for the first time.

It was always going to be emotional, but seeing all those little hands waving back completely broke me. The gravity hit, tears were shed, and in the end, I never felt prouder of my university for having such a unique and powerful tradition.

* * *

While initially disappointed about missing simultaneously occurring Michigan-Michigan State, the college football gods smiled once again with a weather delay in East Lansing. After the Hawks took out the Terps, we had this greeting us:

Oh boy. And it was such a respectful week. When action finally kicked in, DPJ promptly killed everyone.

Brian Cook:

Fortunately, it turns out that being a vastly superior football team is still a good way to win football games. The rain cleared, the five-star quarterback threw a pass to the five-star wide receiver for a 79-yard touchdown, and that was more or less that. All over but the shouting.

The Paul Bunyon pose he it at the end is now my phone background.

Now, it's one thing to beat your in-state rival... it's a whole 'nother thing to then dump a cement truck full of salt into the wound.

Hold up -- where are they standing? Can we get a zoom out?

OHHHHHHHHHH boy; half-surprised they didn't fall to the center of the earth after Devin Bush tore it up. With these spiteful actions came spiteful words.

Now, "little brother" is an immensely sensitive expression in this rivalry. Michigan RB Mike Hart used the expression in 2007, which basically set off ten years of Michigan ass kickings from MSU. He even said he regretted it a few years ago. So maybe Chase just got a little carried away.

He did not get carried away.

To their credit, the adults in the room handled it with a bit more poise.

Really wish I coulda hung out with those guys after. I mean, this shit even carried into the next week. Harbaugh compared State to "stormtroopers," then said this:

That's some rivalry shit.

It was seriously the kind of day where even teams that look like yours were dominating.

But after all this, there was still GameDay. Still Pullman. It started cute:

Then the Cougs put it on the Ducks. The first TD was one of the cooler plays and runs -- yes, runs -- of the Mike Leach era:

The third TD was back to sweet, sweet passing:

You blinked, and it was 27-0.

And yes, Wazzu faltered to start the third and the game got closer and tighter and scarier -- but they got it fucking done in the end. The field was stormed, and errybody was feelin' themselves.

Probably too much:

Not quite yet, friends. The win put Washington State in the conference title game driver's seat, and though I am positive this will all end poorly, it did not on this fine night. After all of that, college football owed me nothing else.

But then, while putting our real shoes back on at Colonial Lanes, we saw the Ohio State score. Sure, one or some of us might have said "That won't hold, they'll come back." Narrator: They didn't. 

Seriously -- how terrifying is Rondale Moore?

Pat Forde went in after the game:

In the face of adversity, the Buckeyes lack poise. They lack resilience. They lack a Plan B. They lack daring. They don’t lose scratching and clawing; they lose rolling over.

Purdue has nowhere near Ohio State’s talent — the Boilermakers lost to Eastern Michigan, for the love of Purdue Pete — but it broke the Buckeyes’ plywood will and ran them out of Ross-Ade Stadium.


It’s time for some introspection in Columbus. And some humility, too.

So yeah, we loved all that. Last Saturday was everything college football can be but so rarely is. The pure happiness was disorienting.

The Hybrid

"If it's not a definite yes, it's a no."


Baylor at West Virginia (13): Eh.

Appalachian State (25) at Georgia Southern: I'm in such a damn good mood, we'll even show Appy State some love.

Friday Night Lights

Thinking of going as Matty Saracen for Halloween with my lady considering a bangs purchase and going as Julie Taylor. The problem: the cheap $40 jerseys I found will take weeks to ship from the Phillipines. So... would a t-shirt be enough? Initial guess is no, as Julie Taylor doesn't really hold up her end of the bargain in terms of a distinguished look. Ah well, maybe next year.

Oh, the games?

Indiana at Minnesota: No.

Utah (23) at UCLA: Ahhhh, eh.


Clemson (2) at Florida State: Clemson Tom wants more from a once great rival.

Typically, this weekend would have me on a different kind of hatred level. However, Florida State once again reminds everyone they are a flash in the pan. Yeah, they were good and they did win the national title, but lately, they are just a complete dumpster fire. They have a new coach who apparently was supposed to turn the program around, but all he has really done his drag that team through the mud some more.

All we heard this off-season was how he was going to turn the team around in basically three hours. Right now, nobody is scared to play Florida State. Honestly, their offensive line is trash.  They couldn’t stop anybody. Our D-line is going to have their way. Sacks, interceptions, whatever we want. I remember when this game used to mean something. Now it just means another win for Clemson.


Wisconsin (20) at Northwestern: Jonathan Taylor Thomas has been the running Sconnie joke all year, but now it seems the Wildcats are ready to tap into some nostalgia.

Purdue at Michigan State: hi

Boilers be like...

Bethune-Cookman at Nebraska: All y'all who'd previously been talking 0-12 knew about this game, didn't you? Either way, it's all over now.

Florida (9) vs. Georgia (7): Didn't they play already?

/checks notes

Ah, that was LSU. My bad, cocktailers.

Game of the Week.

Kansas State at Oklahoma (8): "Kyler!"

Iowa (18) at Penn State (17): woo not a black out

Also would like to triple down on the Iowa-Maryland game being a little ehhhh:

(Understandable with how windy it was.)

South Florida (21) at Houston: Ahem.

Ohio State: GIA's favorite team is off this week, but I still wanted to check in on our cause. After contributions from Nick L. and txhawkeye (who was one of the first to donate), we are now over 80% toward our goal of $1,000 for the season.

Thank you, as always, to TherealCatnuts, Karl S., Nerdhawk, Joanne, Andrew, Paige, Nick, the HawkeyeCurmudgeon, and Dave Hartig; we could now field a starting 11 (I would be QB/don't hit me).

Help put us over the top: donate here. Go Hawks.

Arizona State at USC: 

Illinois at Maryland: Nah, nah, nope.

Rutgers: Usually, if a team is off and it's not super relevant, I save the content for the following week. For our guys, we can make an exception.

This also brought everything to the table:

And, for the record, it's the latter of the two thoughts.

Kentucky (12) at Missouri: Kentucky right back in the mix after the A&M loss earlier this year.

Colorado at Washington (15) at Cal: Wasn't planning on including the Huskies this week, yet...

Washington State (14) at Stanford (24): College GameDay also took the time to address the most important issue of this entire season.

Florida International at Western Kentucky: WKU did not receive an invite to the Everything Is Great party.

Notre Dame (3) at Navy: Officially completed my "seven weeks with no chicken" bet. To celebrate? Seven straight days of chicken. Already knocked out Popeye's and Leghorn, with more to come.

Texas (6) at Oklahoma State: Uh, sure.

Wrapping It Up...

Retaliation is coming.

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