By Bobby Loesch on November 8, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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The Hybrid is a weekly Big Ten football preview, plus relevant or whimsy games from the national slate

With only two football stadiums left on my Big Ten bucket list, it is time.

Going to Rutgers-Michigan, baby!

With a work trip in NJ on Thursday and Friday, it only made sense to hang around for the rest of the weekend to watch the legends*. I look forward to a comfortable nothing and/or the worst Michigan football loss off my life. If things do go according to plan, you've gotta think there's a 60% chance we'll get on TV.

Last on the list, of course: Ohio State.

(* - to clarify, the legends = Rutgers)

The Hybrid

“At a certain point midway on the timeline of one’s finite existence, the differences between people that stood out in youth take a backseat to similarities”




Toledo at Northern Illinois:



Friday Night Lights

Louisville at Syracuse (13): Good on Syracuse for having this type of season.

/ear piece goes off

I'm hearing Alabama and Clemson will also be claiming this ranking and have both added "Hegemony forever".


TCU at West Virginia (9): Forget body control, this is impeccable voice control.

Ohio State (10) at Michigan State (18): This Pat Forde line made me laugh in its objective absurdity but also with how much I know Spartan fans enjoyed it:

The Spartans (6-3) are back to playing hardcore defense, allowing only 13.5 points over the past four games. 

Send your kids to bed early, because this defense is TOO HOT FOR TV.

* * *

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Navy at UCF (12): How many years in a row could UCF to go undefeated (with the same meh schedule) and still continue to not make the Playoff? Three or four feels on the table. This sport is a dumb bad.

This sport's OK.

South Carolina at Florida (15): eh

Wisconsin at Penn State (20): The Never Was bowl.

Illinois at Nebraska: Clown on Nebraska all you want, but Adrian Martinez just finished as a Top 4 scorer in my Big Ten only college fantasy football league. That's above Nate Stanley, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Shea Patterson. Also with some injuries, too. If Frost stays the course -- and gets some luck back -- this could get scary quick. And this (probably) needs to stop happening.

Maryland at Indiana: /shrug

North Carolina at Duke: Duke basketball is so generationally cool that we should probably sacrifice their football team to honor them with what little CFB season remains. Here's Zion.

Mississippi State (16) at Alabama (1):

This sport really only works if you pretend Alabama does not exist. Blanking LSU? Having no weaknesses? What would we be saying about this team if Clemson wasn't cool that one time? The Tide have also hit a point where playing decently ranked teams doesn't even get me excited. I'm going to look up the spread right now, and it's going to be -18.5.

/looks up spread

Holy Saban, it's 24.

Michigan (4) at Rutgers: me on saturday/me right now

Also: Chase Winovich continues to be one of college football's #content leaders.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (6): This was cool...

...but y'all gave up 46 to Texas Tech?

Washington State (8) at Colorado: Last week's Cal game got dicey because Wazzu had to rely on the defense (this happened)...

...and the kicker (missed a 30-something yard FG but redeemed himself later on).

Old reliable came through with a sideline catch and spike while not even playing.

And like the Zapruder film, we have this one from another angle, too: 

Kentucky (11) at Tennessee: Most of us -- all of us? -- have been there:

Northwestern at Iowa (21): Shout out to the new AG.

Just kidding, quite embarrassed.

Baylor at Iowa State (22): 'eyyy, ranking buddies


Purdue at Minnesota:

Auburn (24) at Georgia (5): Auburn ranked again? Also, this was incredible.

Florida State at Notre Dame (3): I was fine with Florida State being bad, but no one asked them to be Not Even A Challenge For Notre Dame bad.

LSU (7) at Arkansas: Sorry, LSU -- had to.

Don't look at me like that.

And, you know, since we're already piling on.

Clemson (2) at Boston College (17): Game of the Week. And our man is ready and focused.

College GameDay is going to go see Clemson beat the crap out of Boston College. I don’t really know much about Boston College except they have a a lot of seniors on the team. I guess they all wanted to come back to play the greatest team in college football history. 

I don’t know what exactly is going to happen, but one thing I do know my Tigers are going to hang somewhere around 50 points on Boston College. Prepare to see our fifth string quarterback (again) put up more points on somebody’s first string defense (again).

We are playing our best football. We can pass it, and we can run it. Honestly, at this point, we could probably score points off a punt. 

On a side note, Boston College is full of Yankees in the y’all know I don’t like Yankees. 

Go ahead and take the over in this game.

Well, I still like you.

Wrapping It Up...

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