By Bobby Loesch on November 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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The Hybrid is a weekly Big Ten football preview, plus relevant or whimsy games from the national slate

I saw The Menzingers play in Chicago last night. There is no tie in whatsoever to college football, they just rule so hard. Actually, there is a tie in: this song is probably how Iowa football makes you feel right now.

The Hawkeyes have permanently unplugged the telephone in 2018.

The Hybrid

“If you get on the wrong train, running down the aisle backward is not a solution. You have to get off the train.”


Western Michigan at Ball State:

Completely unrelated to this game, but... wanted to start with a bang.

/walks out
/closes door
/locks knob
/locks bolt
/literally bolts





Friday Night Lights



The Citadel at Alabama (1): I usually complain about these bad late season SEC non-conference games, but something feels right about this; don't want to see Alabama play anyone but Georgia or Clemson anyway, so it could be a nice reprieve from any type of expectations.

Ohio State (10) at Maryland: Poor damn Maryland.

* * *

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Middle Tennessee at Kentucky (17): Well, that Kentucky thing sure ended.

I also just originally spelled sure "shir", so maybe my brain also ended.

Arkansas at Mississippi State (21): There's a palpable lack of something here. Effort? Desire? Practice?

Michigan State at Nebraska: /shrug

Penn State (14) at Rutgers: uh oh

Northwestern (22) at Minnesota:

Syracuse (12) vs. Notre Dame (3): Game of the Week. Gotta hand it to ND Nation -- they've played a pretty dece schedule this year. Seems like every week features a promising team disappointing us all.

West Virginia (9) at Oklahoma State: "I'M OUT OF TOUCH! I'M 51!"

Iowa (XX <-- this is where our ranking was supposed to go) at Illinois: Avert.

Would you believe that was probably the 'good' half?

Surprising no one, the Fant drama continued.

There is an obvious disconnect — one that’s representative of the free fall of this 2018 Hawkeye team that lost a third straight game it had a chance to win in the fourth quarter and fell to 6-4.

Not using a guy who is projected to be a high pick in the 2019 NFL Draft seems, on the outside of things, unusual.

Unofficially, Fant played nine of Iowa’s 26 second-half snaps.

I would say "KF stoked the fire," but I'm not sure if throwing a bag of big ol' bullshit on would make a fire go up or down.

Iowa’s standard “11” package included (for the most part), one running back, three receivers (usually Nick Easley, Ihmir Smith-Marsette and either Kyle Groeneweg, Max Cooper or Tyrone Tracy Jr.) and one tight end.

That one tight end was T.J. Hockenson, who absolutely was one of Iowa’s best players Saturday. He caught seven passes for 89 yards on his nine targets.

“If you’ve got ‘11’ personnel, you can only have one tight end out there,” Ferentz said. “And we’ve got two pretty good tight ends. So, T.J. would have been the guy of choice at that point.”

Probably down. Look, the team owes us nothing in terms of an explanation, but as the Ls pile up and secrets matter less and less, this is becoming flat out infuriating. Nobody cares about your precious 11, KF.

To his credit, Fant is saying and doing the right things (frustrated, respects the decision, etc.), but this sits so poorly.

* * *

All of that said, this week's opponent would probably trade places with us in a second.

Wisconsin at Purdue: You know who I thought about the other day? Joel Stave.

Indiana at Michigan (4): Rutgers-Michigan is the earliest I've ever left a football game. We made it until this.

Not even halftime! But hey, it was cold, and I got to watch us lose to Northwestern. Also, though sports betting is legal in New Jersey, you cannot bet on NJ sporting events. So I wanted to take Rutgers +39 but was unable. They of course covered. Rutgers.

* * *


Duke at Clemson (2): /takes a break from Zion highlights so Clemson Tom can get his venom on

First off, it’s Dook. Not Duke. I woke up one day and realized I hated them. The same day this occurred, I was born. How can anybody root for Dook? They have a coach who, yes, is actually one of the best in the business... but he's still a guy that dyes his hair jet black. And this is about football not basketball, which Dook can only understand if it's ugly white guys that play point guard and have a very punchable face [ed- not this year!]. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a Dook point guard that you didn’t want to drop kick in the throat? The answer is never.

When you watch my Clemson Tigers play on Saturday night, they will be wearing all purple. They do this every year for military appreciation week. For those of you that don’t know, Clemson was once a military school. So expect a military type ass whipping. Our fifth string guys will be playing, per usual. We’ll whip them like the ugly stick whipped their girls. Dook is notorious for having the ugliest girls in America. They all look like soccer moms at 19. [ed- this feels like a compliment to me, but I grew up in the suburbs]

I hate Dook. What they gonna do? Plan for an algorithm contest Saturday night?  Whatever, we’ll beat them and not ask their girls to dinner. We only take the hotties to dinner.

Cincinnati (24) at UCF (11): UCF should be single digit ranked by now as we convince ourselves this is Game of the Week worthy when it still isn't.

Iowa State (16) at Texas (15): This was just so great.

Kansas at Oklahoma (6): whoaaaaaaaaaa

Arizona at Washington State (8): Oh, Leach.

He spun it though.

Though not sure how to spin this.

Then he talked about coach fights.

Wrapping It Up...

I can honor Mike's wishes.

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