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By Bobby Loesch on October 31, 2019 at 12:00 pm

The Hybrid is a weekly Big Ten football preview, plus relevant or whimsy games from the national slate

/ten thousand emoji sirens


We live in a world where everything, at all times, always, is a BIG DEAL, and I gotta say, I'm a little blown away this dam-breaking news didn't get more ink this week. Where is my Offspring?!

If you want something less that, how about some RiRi?

The amateur athletes finally did it. They used their leverage to get the dumb NCAA to let up, just this once. This is logical, this is progressive, this is the future. Is the sport still bad? Of course. But 20 years ago, we didn't have this or even a 4-team playoff. It's always, always baby steps with this horrible institution.

It really speaks to the free market and how change can come fro--OHHHHHH, WE GETTIN' THE GAME BACK.

Probably football, but you get the idea.

The Hybrid

"Last words are usually as significant as first words."


West Virginia at Baylor (12): We've slept and slept and slept, but the Baylor Bears are knocking on the Top 10's door. They're also playing, as of right now, one ranked team the rest of the year (haha). Less haha: that team is Oklahoma.

But not this week!

Georgia Southern at Appalachian State (20): Last week, we outlined a (still alive) scenario where Michigan and Appy State could potentially play in a bowl game. Even less interesting: they're actually playing in basketball this year! Tickets can be ours for six dollars.

Friday Night Lights


After dressing up as the TV characters for a Halloween party...


Clear eyes, skull hearts.

A post shared by Bobby L (@bobbystompy) on wife and I watched the "Friday Night Lights" movie this week. Despite loving the show, it was her first time seeing the film (my third). She... did not like it as much as Riggins, Saracen, and the rest.

Per her, it was a lot more football-heavy, super light on female character development, and Billy Bob simply couldn't match the pull of Kyle Chandler. That said (SPOILER ALERT), there was nothing quite like her audible "They lost?!" reaction when Permian couldn't break the plane in the state title game. That said, I wanted her heart to break even more when Tim McGraw slipped championship ring on his kid's finger as he was walking off the field, but worry not, mine still did.


Michigan (14) at Maryland: 


Very much yes.

Things, of course, will always remain spiritually broken.

And, in some ways, physically.

Ohhhh, Shea.

Might have someone else in the queue, anyway.

Nebraska at Purdue: /pretending to be a serious pundit for a game I don't care about

Alabama: Bama is off this week, presumably on a come down from the designer drugs required to fully enjoy their in stadium experience.

Virginia Tech at Notre Dame (16): I finally won a Michigan-Notre Dame bet. No more Z.W. Martin for the rest of the season! RIP, The Zybrid (2019-2019). 

And no more ND-Michigan for... a lot longer.

Speaking of dead...

Criminal what is happening over at Deadspin. Has been an essential read ever since Kyle Orton got hammered in Iowa City and they procured the photos. Drew Magary is one of my favorites to ever do it, David Roth on Trump is its own genre of writing, Giri Nathan held it down on the tennis coverage, and their headlines/leads should leave us all wanting to be better. A (less serious) sample: "Julian Edelman Was Horrified By The Sight Of Bill Belichick's Dick And Balls Emerging From A Hot Tub".

To see them go from a Will Leitch-led thorn in ESPN's side to an athlete dick pic haven to a Left-leaning Barstool-fighting hub of quality writing has been surreal. Sports blogs existed before Deadspin, but they were the pioneers who actually lived. But now they don't. And to anyone who came up in the 2000s -- or even right now, honestly -- it feels extremely significant.

I'll give Ricky O'Donnell the last word.

Georgia (8) vs. Florida (6): Ehhhhh. Very reluctantly giving this Game of the Week status. How is dumb Florida still ranked so high?

Butler Community College: Legit had to look up where Stephen Jackson went to college, solely to post this totally unrelated to CFB clip because I liked it that much.



More related to college football... does someone wanna look through this and see if there is anything funny?

Here were Vint's:

...and on the other side of the spectrum.

lol, shouts to Marshall

Also, before anyone does, I already looked up David Shaw, and it's Sade.

This has 92 million plays on Spotify and an additional 54 million on YouTube... yet, I really do not think I've heard this song before. That said, picturing Shaw head bobbing to it while diagramming new and exciting punt angles is a real joy.

Iowa: ...damn it.

We root for a team where the coach is just "OK" with scoring points. It explains so much.

Miami (FL) at Florida State: Game of inches.

Rutgers at Illinois: Illinois is gonna god damn do it, aren't they? All it really takes is one big win to cause a shift, you know? They knock off Sconnie, beat a depleted Purdue team (which looked like a nightmare matchup in the preseason), and now they're one Rutgers win away (guaranteed?) from being one win away from bowl eligibility. Unreal.

LSU: Joe Burrow becoming even more of a favorite.

Also just noticed he goes by "Joey" on Twitter... as a fellow immaturely named 'y' guy -- I'm in! JOEY BURROW, LET'S GET IT.

Wofford at Clemson (4): Clemson Tom checks in before the Tigers take on their fiercest opponent yet.

I never thought that we would finally put it all together like we did Saturday night [ed- so it was just bravado?!], but then again, we kicked somebody’s ass.

We are finally hitting our stride and playing like we should’ve been playing in September. Our running back averages over 100 yards with a bunch of TDs, Trevor Lawrence is finally acting like Trevor Lawrence. And don’t even get me started on the defense - during the Boston College game, they outscored the BC offense.

People keep asking how we were going to reload after losing our D-line last year. The answer is very simple -- we have the best defensive coordinator in the country, and he recruits the best athletes for his system. Isaiah Simmons should win the Heisman Trophy. That’s not even a question. That’s a statement. The kid is the best player in college football right now.

Don’t start none, won't be none. However, we got a few more games left that we’re gonna whip everybody’s ass. Can’t wait until the College Football Playoff -- putting y’all on notice.

FYI - Notre Dame is consistently overrated and sucks every year. Oklahoma too.

* * *

Also: RIP, Dabo.

Iowa State (not really): Oh man, what an incredible run by this Okie State guy.

I'm not a Cyclone hater, but because most of you are, we can also take a second look:

Utah (9) at Washington: when you think Utah is fully out of the national title picture but look to your left and see them continuing to hold a single digit ranking

Ole Miss at Auburn (11): Saw this awful-but-watchable ESPN doc on the SEC. The concept was they got celebrity fans to talk about the unique bonds to their respective schools. A lot of "No, you don't understand. There is nothing like Mississippi State. We tailgate in parking lots here. COWBELL COWBELL COWBELL."

Every team was covered (even, like, Vandy and Mizzou). Most surprising: for Alabama, they got Melissa Joan Hart.


That's right -- Clarissa/Sabrina, married into a Tide family

The rest? Well, I'll let their PR description break it down:

What do Ashley Judd, Darius Rucker, James Carville and Governor Rick Perry have in common? Well, they live and die with the fortunes of their respective SEC schools. In "The Stars Are Aligned," 14 famous figures-each representing a different college in the Southeastern Conference-spill their emotions and explain why they'll never forget where they came from. Among the other celebrities featured are Charlie Daniels, Amy Robach, Jonathan Papelbon, Melissa Joan Hart, Emmitt Smith, Shepard Smith and Ralphie May.

/realizes I'm in the room alone

Let's move on.

SMU (15) at Memphis (24): Oh, here we go. Is this where it all ends for our ponies? Better get it in now.

Oregon (7) at USC: Oregon at No. 7 feels just as sneaky as Florida at No. 6.

Washington State: For real, ESPN?



Boise State (21) at San Jose State: Wait, Boise lost to BYU last week? The chocolate milk was flowin' in Provo, and no one told me?!

Wrapping It Up...

"Just Hold On, We're Going Home"

We're really going home.

Happy Halloween, y'all.

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