Best Things to Do in Lincoln Before the Big Game!

By Nickdo on November 23, 2021 at 9:45 am
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With Iowa coming to my hometown this week, I thought I would pull together a list of the best places/things to do/eat because I know thousands of Hawkeyes will be descending on what many have called “The most average city in America.”

Listen, I love Lincoln. But there is nothing great about Lincoln. We have food in Lincoln, none of it is especially good. We have things to do, but nothing overly exciting.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that the City of Lincoln is much like the college football team that plays here, average at best. Luckily for you, I have lots of friends here and, with their help, came up with a list of MUST DO's when visiting this weekend.

Skinny Scraper!

Skinny Scraper

A new Skinny Scraper is almost complete in Downtown Lincoln! What is a skinny scraper you ask? It is a skyscraper, but only 10 ft wide. Basically, if the wind blows hard enough it will more than likely fall over. Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but we built it anyway! Can you fit a bed in it? Absolutely not, but if you are on the top floor, you can watch the Huskers lose from the comfort of your kitchen!

If you walk by on the way to the stadium, be sure to look out for local Lincolnites who often stop and stare at the funky building for hours on end. Not because of how it looks, but because they are mourning the loss of the Applebee’s that used to be located there.



Do you love Hot Pockets? Have you ever been eating one and thought, “man, this is great, but it would be even better if 75% of the meat was removed and replaced with cabbage?” If that’s you, then the Runza is what you need! Be sure to stop at one of their 600 locations OR get one from a vendor at the game!

SouthPointe Mall

Parking Garage

Need to get some Christmas shopping done on Black Friday before the game? Southpoint Mall is the place to go! The mall recently completed construction of a new, 1,000 stall parking garage, which was a smart decision because malls are definitely not dying and more parking is always needed.

I don’t know if any stores are left at the mall besides Scheels (with a ferris wheel AND fish tanks), Von Mauer, the Buckle, and four different candle stores, but hey, you might find something you like!

The Capital


This tall, old building is tall and old. It has a guy at the top spreading his seed over the city. There has been A LOT of construction on this building over the years, but nothing ever seems to get done. Is it because it is actually a nuclear bomb silo hiding in plain sight??? Go check it out for yourself!

International Quilt Museum


You laugh, but this museum has been open since 2008. That’s right, the quilt museum survived the Great Recession and COVID, so it must have something going for it. Maybe it's still open because it's the home of the largest known public collection of quilts in the world, or maybe it's open because the public school system in town forces kids to go on field trips there every year. No one really knows!

O Street

O Street

We have an okay downtown area, and O Street is the main place to be, especially if you are a college kid. It can be fun, as long as you don’t mind being pulled into a 40-man Battle Royal in the middle of the street or having bullets flying by you from time to time!

Adventure Golf Center

putt putt

Ever wanted to play mini-golf AND meet the winner of ABC’s hit show HOLEY MOLEY on the same day? Adventure Golf is where that dream can become a reality. Operated by the Season 1 Champion, Adventure Golf offers 37 holes of pure fun. It also has batting cages that may or may not work depending on the day.

Lincoln Race Course

horse track

We have a horse track! Eventually, this is going to be a massive casino/hotel/horse track, but for now, there's only one race a year, and you all missed it, sorry. You can still sit and bet on races from across the country, though!

On my 21st birthday, we went here and I won $400. I have been going back for the last nine years and I do not think I have won anything since. I am sure my time will come again soon though.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo


The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is actually a great place, especially if you have kids. They have all sorts of cool animals and in the winter they turn the entire place into a walk-through Christmas light show.  Sadly, their snow leopards died from COVID recently and I am boycotting the zoo until they release the Red Pandas to my custody for their own safety. Please join me in this fight.


That's it! That's everything! If you have questions about my wonderful city, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I will try to help you out!

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