Play Go Iowa Awesome's Dan Dakich Bingo for Iowa-Indiana

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I am assuming the only reason "Gucci Row" does not appear is because this is not a home game.

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If no one has tweeted this to Dan yet, you may want to.  You could also then add a space along the lines of, "References the GIA BINGO card."

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What about calling Fran "my brother" which is apparently his new way of referring to him based on his radio interview?

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We don't want to make it THAT easy on him.

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If Dan finds a way to shoehorn Greg Davis' name into the broadcast, I will:

1) know for certain that he read this article/comment;

2) request a "Greg Davis" space on a future bingo card;

3) Donate $100 to the legitimate charity of his choice. (Feel free to match in comments below)

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Hey, as long as he keeps it above the commentary on some Texas high school football game from 1996

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Im calling shenanigans--Aaron Craft on only one square??

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