The 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game Sucked

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You have to wonder whether the officials were overwhelmed by all of this bigs on the floor, but it otherwise appeared like the officiating crew wanted to set the tone early that it was going to be a tightly called game (which is a stupid plan in the NC game).

At least it was consistently and evenly shitty as to both teams. I don't think Gonzaga fans can claim anything was stolen from them because of it--North Carolina was getting the same treatment, even considering the jump ball photo above.

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Wait, an official called a jump ball when one player was CLEARLY out of bounds and the official was standing RIGHT THERE?   I've NEVER heard of that happening before.  That simply cannot be. 

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Eyeball estimate from the video compilation (cool chiptune music), about half to 2/3 of those whistles could have been no-calls. Quite a few of them absolutely should have been. I feel like the game could have been a lot more entertaining, and guys on both teams would have gotten into more of a rhythm, if it weren't for the instant whistles on every play with the slightest bit of contact.

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1.  Gonzaga coulda/woulda/shoulda been beaten out by jNW in the second sympathy for that powerhouse.

2.  Florida's buzzer-beater vs. Wisky was a missed travel call (combined with stupid match-up defensive choices by Gard) 

3.  Some of the officiating seen in the tourney make B1G officials look like all-stars = and we KNOW that ain't good.

4.  Good to know that UNC's players are all passing their fake, no-show classes again and the status quo has been restored - and that Roy Williams hasn't lost his touch for whining like a bitch from tip-off to final buzzer.

I strongly prefer winning over losing.

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It was a terrible game.  The refs called WAY too many fouls, and I can't think of a single player on either team who had a particularly good game, and several top players who had atrocious games.  

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The fact that Joel Berry II got MVP for the Final Four should tell you all you need to know. I realize he was playing with two bad ankles, but the only reason he scored the most points was that he took so many dang shots. And how many free throws did he miss? This did not look like a world-beating UNC team. 

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All I care about is making the right calls. Last year's national championship was this great exciting game... except for the part where Villanova got away way with absolute murder the entire game just like they did the entire tourney. So, it's a tough choice whether you want to call a lot of well deserved fouls and have a boring game or let the "they won't call em all" crowd do what they do and maybe have a little more excitement at the end.

Admittedly I only watched the first half of this game, it's been a while since I haven't watched a full National Championship, and it was a boring game from the word go. The football stadium basketball games are the bigger problem, imo, but the NCAA isn't about to play basketball games in, I don't know, an arena built for basketball.

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I did not feel like this was an atrocity of a game.

But, that may be more of a commentary on the trends of NCAA hoops. 

It probably should have been a better game, considering the talent on both sides.  But, the Gonzaga stars didn't shoot well, and the UNC guys seemed a bit more concerned with winning by scrambling and hustling rather than running an offense (and that scrambling/hustling can sometimes be exciting).

Finally, I'd like to remind you that:

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