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I saw that, but I don't think it's April Fool's since he posted on April 3. It seems to be serious. Maybe he wants to focus on school and basketball and remove the distraction? If he finds it helps him in both areas, I'm all for it. 

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It looks like he followed through, account not found.  Hopefully it's a step that he wanted to take to focus on school and ball, two things that can take him to awesome places.

I just hope it's not because of Iowa fans @ing him.

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Your last point there, is crucial. But I hope he's just doing it from a personal standpoint of wanting to reduce distractions. I know I took facebook off my phone for the purpose of reducing distractions on a daily basis. My productivity has never been higher. 

Yeah, distractions suck, especially when you're trying to become better.

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Clearly, KF has taken over the basketball team too!

Just another garbage commenter spreading my *sshole all over the internet.