2017-2018 Big Ten Basketball Season Preview

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Wait, Bored High School Student told me there were only 12 B1G teams....

How many years of eligibility does Haas have?  I swear that guy has been playing forever. 

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Fun stat: Ethan Happ has more returning win shares than the entire Illinois squad.

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This is one of my favorite articles every year. It seems like a nice objective look every year without the media that overestimates both the name on the jersey (Indiana!) and impact of true freshmen recruits (MSU!). Seeing Iowa placed 5th here seems a lot more likely to me than the media that picked us 8th, and I'd be willing to bet that at least in Iowa's case this has historically been closer than the media picks, who always seem to underestimate Fran by 3-5 spots in B10 finish. Weren't we picked 12th last year?

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