Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving. Go Iowa [Awesome]

Waiting for the next time Michigan comes to visit

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Happy Thanksgiving errybody!  I love Thanksgiving, because I get to spend it in Iowa.  I hope you all are enjoying today as much as I am!  

"I know what I'm suggesting." -therealCatnuts

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at GIA! Go Hawks!

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Thanks to the mods/eds of this site.

I really appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into the last many years.

You are all great.  I love you.

Be well.

"I have something like 50 years left on this little blue marble, I don’t want to spend 50 weeks of it caring about stupid fucking Iowa State." ~TherealCatnuts
"This school spirit, it's contagious. It's alcohol." ~Airliner goer 1977 ranked ISU "Beat Iowa"

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Happy Thanksgiving!  

Nebby, we comin' fo' ya tomorrow!

I never wanted to Fire Ferentz. Good bye and good luck, Gary.

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CBS This Morning had a piece about “The Wave”, it featured Wadley and Easly and Kirk and his wife. Kirk even teared up during the interview. We can say whatever about his motivation for winning games, but it’s clear he genuinely cares about the university and its people.

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Thankful for all of you.  Go Hawk’s 

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