Caring Is Creepy 2019: Have a Seat, Jermari Harris

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From what I’ve read, this kid has only played db one season and was mainly a basketball player til this year. So he may be a little raw but he’s athletic and with Doyle and Parker here to mold him I expect big things

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The only frustrating thing about this is we have to wait a season or two to see if this recruit morphs into yet another PP under the radar miracle.

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Or not.  Parker's started a true frosh CB in like 4 of the past 5 seasons (do not look up that stat I made it up but it feels true).

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Off the top of my head, Moss & Brents 2018, Hankins 2017, Des King 2013, maybe Amani Hooker in 2016? Ojemudia redshirted in 15 but may have started in 2016. Rugumba certainly did in 2016. I don’t think we had that in 2015, and I have no idea about 2014, but your statement seems pretty close, if it’s not spot on.

Waiting for the next time Michigan comes to visit

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I guess we know who the 2021 B1G DBOTY is going to be now 

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While I agree that the 2021 B1G DBOTY will be wearing a Hawkeye jersey, my money is still on Sebastian Castro. Either way, win-win for Iowa!

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