Indiana 75, #10 Iowa 73: Two Stunning Turns

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Such a brutal loss. To be up 16 in the 3rd and then lose like that... ugh. 

I think this is going to be a really costly loss for Iowa. 

* bye bye, top 10 (the least of Iowa's losses from this game, but still)
* bye bye, B1G title hopes in all likelihood (probably the most painful loss from this game)
* bye bye (maybe) to a top-3 seed in the NCAA Tourney

There's still some wiggle room in the seed department (maybe Iowa can make a run at the BTT), but this loss feels like it could drop them down to a 4 seed. That means probably a tougher 2nd round game (likely vs 5 seed) and probably a tougher Sweet 16 game (likely vs a 1 seed). As a 2 or (more likely) 3 seed, that means a 2nd round game vs a 6 or 7 seed and a Sweet 16 game vs a 2 or 3 seed. 

After Sunday's huge win, this game had definite letdown/trap game potential, especially against a hungry IU team that needed a big win to boost their own NCAA resume and unfortunately Iowa fell right into that trap. 

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Goddammit.   Especially coming off the heels of the men's game Tuesday.

If the men don't get it done tomorrow, so help me.  What a brutal night.

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Part of Iowa’s problem in that regard was probably their hot start. They hit six three pointers in the first quarter, which helped propel them to a 12-point first quarter lead. Then they didn’t hit another three until the game’s final 30 seconds. At times, it looked like the guards still thought they were hot, and kept jacking early threes when they should’ve looked for an easier bucket to end the run. Regardless of the reason, Iowa settling for jumpers late in the game is one of the primary reasons they didn’t secure their victory tonight.

Save this as a template for men's games write-ups.  Very insightful.  Unfortunately, the coaches mimic fans in falling for it, instead of telling the players something like, "Hey, I know we've hit some outside shots, but now we need to focus on getting the ball into the post on every possession." 

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I thought the guards passing was a problem last night.  There were times when it seemed like there were windows to get the ball down to the post, but the passing was too slow around the perimeter and the defense was able to get the help over and close the passing lane.

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Just can't even with this loss...