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Boe's loss will leave a big hole.  Hopefully Zeb will see action this weekend.  BTW, the Hawk Central link is messed up.

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Ugh, that Boe news really sucks. 

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DAYUM!  Homerun!  Iowa up 2-0

Go Hawks!

"I have something like 50 years left on this little blue marble, I don’t want to spend 50 weeks of it caring about stupid fucking Iowa State." ~TherealCatnuts
"This school spirit, it's contagious. It's alcohol." ~Airliner goer 1977 ranked ISU "Beat Iowa"

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Iowa wins game one 6 - 3!

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Great win.

And a few highlights: 

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2 of 3! Maybe they get some votes in the polls finally.

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Another big win!

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Resume watch: 

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I am not on Twitter, but I’m now conditioned to hit refresh on the Iowa Baseball account all weekend long. I never thought I’d care about college baseball, but Heller makes magic happen. Hoping this season results in another regional!

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Of the previous 5 series wins in the current streak the Hawks lost the last game 3 times - let's hope they can avoid that today.  Go Hawks!

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I know nothing about baseball. Does Iowa just not have enough good pitchers or is winning 2 and losing the 3rd of every series a mental thing? What's this pattern mean for the post season?

3 yard out on 3rd and 10.

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The guy that pitches Sundays, Grant Judkins, is actually the best of the 3 statistically. Iowa just can't seem to muster much offense when he starts for whatever reason. I don't know enough about college baseball to say this with any certainty, but if other teams are like us and have their best pitcher pitch game 3, then that could explain it a bit.

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It has definately been the pattern this year. I have no idea about past years, probably because I don't think this year's pattern has happened so much before. 

This has been a fun ride this year. Remember, we lost Iowa's best HR hitter after last year. I thought there would be a big drop off, but this coach is for real. Go Hawks!

Still waiting for 2nd FB NC.