Bracketology: Iowa Baseball Making NCAA Tournament Case

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With a sweep this weekend, Iowa could find itself in 2nd place in the Big Ten.  Indiana goes to Michigan for a three-game series.  It would not be surprising if Michigan wins at least two of those games.  Nebraska plays out-of-conference games against Arizona State this weekend.  Win three and Iowa could move ahead of both.  Minnesota, who has the same 11- 7 record as the Hawks, plays three at home against Maryland.

This could be a big weekend for Rick Heller’s squad.  GO HAWKS!

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Yes. Win all three for once. You deserve it Hawks.

Still waiting for 2nd FB NC.

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I love what Heller has done with this program. Makes me think maybe we can have nice things? Does anyone else wonder how long we manage to keep him at Iowa though? 

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Funny how our standard changes between sports. Heller has gotten us to where Fran and Ferentz got their programs: around #35 and on the ncaa bubble every year. 

Now, I’m pretty content with that for a baseball team from Iowa, but it’s not like we’re national contenders.

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That's true, but unlike hoops or football, baseball is (close to being) a regional sport. 

College World Series appearances by conference:

PAC 12: 101

SEC: 99

ACC: 94

Big 12: 78

Big 10: 28 (one, ONE, since 1984).

It's the flip side of the argument that Fran and Ferentz should be held to Brandsian standards. Neither is really fair. If Iowa wrestling finishes out of the top 5, that is an average at best year. If Iowa baseball makes the NCAA tournament, that's a good year. No inconsistency. And football and hoops are appropriately in the middle.

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I really like your point. Three NCAA berths in five years (not in the bag, but very possible) is an excellent stretch for any B1G team in baseball, let alone a school with our smaller population base and very humble history in the sport. That's overachieving. Fran's a bit tougher to judge, he's a big success compared to the two coaches who preceded them, but not so impressive in the broader context of Iowa hoops history. On the other hand, going 5-4 in the B1G West in an off year for Wisconsin despite having two first-round draft picks on the roster?

Iowa football and basketball face uphill battles in recruiting, but for Heller it's a sheer cliff. I think it's perfectly fair to be downright excited and proud of a level of success for our baseball program that might be disappointing for the football program (or cause for a statewide insurrection if it happened to wrestling).

CAUTION: May go on prolonged rants about Gary Barta and Bruce Harreld without warning.

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He's an Iowa native and those ties probably help our efforts to keep him.

But, ultimately, I suspect that if Iowa continues to provide him (and his assistants) with pay at competitive rates and continues to improve the facilities for baseball, we'll have a good chance to keeping him around.