Outback Bowl Disses Iowa, Its Most Loyal Customer

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I haven’t returned since the MANCOTT. They won’t get away with this.

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All the AP here.  Bloomin' NUNions are all I need from them!

Costco Card Rammin' Greg Davis's picture

See you at the Superdome, fuckers!

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12 years man...

That's rough to realize. 

ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα - "I know one thing, that I know nothing"

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Kirk’s commercial has to be dropping any day.  Outback is best restaurant in Lincoln besides McDonald’s I bet.

Celebrating horizontal football since 2011

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Fuck Nebraska!

"Boys do what they want to do, men do what they need to do". Norm Parker

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And Sparty. And the SEC. And Notre Dame while I’m at it. 

"I know what I'm suggesting." -therealCatnuts

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Outback moved up one spot on my hate list. Purdue is still number 1 for obvious reasons.

Texas Roadhouse is better.


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Texas Roadhouse bakes their dinner rolls with crack; you cant eat just one

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I believe that their cinnamon butter contains dissolved opioids.

I never wanted to Fire Ferentz. Good bye and good luck, Gary.

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Outback is now OMHCR

But we have always been at war with Purdue.

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"There is no reason in the world why we shouldn't fight for the preservation of a chance to live freely, no reason why we shouldn't suffer to uphold that which we want to endure." -Nile Kinnick